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Transitioning from military to a civilian career can be challenging, but your resume doesn’t have to be. Our military to civilian resume writing services underscore the unique skills and leadership qualities you’ve honed during your service and translate them to civilian parlance without missing a beat.


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Why Hire Our Military to Civilian Resume Writers

Check Out These Benefits

Our services offer a range of benefits designed to highlight your unique skills and training, save you time, and provide cost-effective solutions personalized to your needs. Check out the benefits you can get from teaming up with us.

Industry Expertise

Your project will be handled by experienced writers with military backgrounds who have in-depth military knowledge into civilian language.

Time Saving Solutions

Time Saving

We offer a streamlined resume writing process to save you valuable time as you navigate the transition to the civilian workforce.


ATS-Friendly Resume

Our resumes are written to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), guaranteeing that your application lands directly in the hands of hiring managers.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our comprehensive military to civilian resume writing services aim to ease your transition to civilian employment without financial strain.

Top Companies Trust Us

Our Clients Have Been Hired By Fortune 1000 Firms

Unitedhealth Group
Bank Of America
Lockheed Martin

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Our services are designed to highlight the valuable skills, certifications, and training you have acquired during your military career. We translate these into civilian terms that resonate with employers, emphasizing their relevance to the job market. This approach not only makes your resume more appealing; it also increases your overall marketability, helping you stand out as a strong candidate for civilian roles.
While standard resume templates can be a starting point, they often fail to highlight the unique skills and experiences gained in the military. Our service goes beyond generic templates, offering personalized attention and expertise to ensure your resume accurately reflects your qualifications and maximizes your chances of success in the civilian job market.
Yes. We understand the importance of affordability, especially during a career transition. In line with this, our services are competitively priced to provide exceptional value while ensuring you receive the personalized attention and expertise needed to succeed in your civilian job search.
To create an effective military-to-civilian resume, you will need to provide a comprehensive overview of your military background. Specialized training or certifications you have obtained should be included, as these can highlight your technical skills and advanced knowledge. Descriptions of key projects or missions you were involved in can also be helpful. These include specific details about the roles you have held, the responsibilities you managed, and the achievements you have earned throughout your service. This detailed information allows our resume writing service to accurately convey your military experience in a way that resonates with employers, making your transition smoother and more effective.
Our military-to-civilian resume writing services streamline the transition process by expertly translating your military experience into civilian terms. Instead of spending hours trying to decipher how your skills and achievements in the military translate to civilian jobs, our professional writers handle this task efficiently. By understanding the intricacies of both military roles and civilian job requirements, we save you valuable time, ensuring that your resume accurately reflects your qualifications and maximizes your chances of success in the job.
Our resume writers are experienced in catering to a wide range of military roles, from infantry and logistics to engineering and intelligence. Whether you served in combat roles, support functions, or specialized technical positions, our writers understand the unique skills and experiences associated with each role. We tailor your resume to effectively showcase your specific military background, ensuring that your qualifications are accurately represented and optimized for success in the civilian job market.
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