Job Resume Online: How LinkedIn Helps Your Application

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linkedin: job resume online
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LinkedIn is not just a professional networking platform. With 98% of recruiters using LinkedIn to find ideal workers, it becomes the most powerful job board.

With more than 277 million LinkedIn users, will you just wait for hiring managers to reach out? What should you do to get good jobs through an online profile?

How to Make It Good

Update your LinkedIn online resume, and get a job using these strategies:

  • Make a findable profile. Your picture with your name and a headline are what people often see on your LinkedIn. So make these parts appealing and professional-looking. Include keywords on each section. These do not just make you an ideal candidate but also tag you as “employable.”
  • Write a strong headline. Write a short but compelling headline. Make it striking, and you will surely attract hiring managers. A sort of strong pitch can move their curiosity and will prompt them to know you more by reading through your profile. Thus, you have to be creative—make your online piece readable.
  • Follow target companies. One way to succeed in your job quest is to make a list of your target firms. Follow them on LinkedIn. This way, you will know if they will open a new branch or launch a new product. These pieces of info give hints if they will hire job seekers.
  • Connect and build your network. The group feature of LinkedIn is a top favorite among users. The site has groups from a variety of fields. Join these groups to widen your connection. Stay engaged with your chosen group to strengthen your link. Post useful and interesting content. Try to respond to messages and comments you received.
  • Spice up your profile. Don’t make your profile a boring history of jobs you held. Add some images, videos, PowerPoint presentation, or other business related feats. This way, you can maintain or improve online presence.
  • Get recommendations. A bulk of proofs can build up your worth. For hiring managers, seeing many endorsements is one way to prove your skills. Hence, make a polite request to people to recommend you. In return, offer to do the same thing for them.

Make your LinkedIn profile a job resume online to ease your job search. Follow these tips and you’re getting closer to your target job.

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