Job Hopping from a Modern Day Applicant’s Point of View

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A rolling stone gathers no moss. This popular career advice warns worker against the negative effects and risks involved in job hopping. However, if you won’t look for better options, greener pastures stay out of reach. In this article, we outlined all the reasons why moving on from a humdrum job means moving towards a more fruitful career path.

Reasons Why Job Hopping Might Be What Your Career Needs

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Short stints in multiple companies might not look good in your resume at first. But if you’ve got all the right reasons to justify your job hopping, there’s seems to be nothing wrong about it. Life brings many surprises and knowing how to adapt to changes is one skill to be proud of.

1.  Develop Skills Faster

What stops you from moving on to a new job? Is it the genuine love for your job, or are you just scared of rejection? If it’s the latter, ditch your doubts and take courage, unless you’re okay with your stagnant career. Do thorough planning and revamp your resume, as well. Doing the same thing over and over dulls your skills, so choosing to stay in a job that no longer excites you does you more harm than good.

2.  Old Ways Just Don’t Work Anymore

While it may be true that loyalty to a company pays off, the same thing may not apply to you. The situation of the job market in the past is definitely not like what we can see today. Technology prompts companies to be more flexible in order to keep up with a fast-paced job market. If you don’t adapt fast in this age of massive layoffs and reorganization, you have to cope with bad surprises.

Some just simply adapt their ways according to what’s happening in the 21st century, some kept listening to advice from the 19th century.

3.  Give More to Your Next Company

Will you really grow if you’re doing the same stuff over and over again? We bet not.

And now we have the gall to say that staying for too long even rots both you and the company you’re working for. Growing your roots in only one company will not pressure you to grow and learn faster. Job hopping and moving spontaneously keeps you excited about new things to explore. Plus, your new ideas coming from other companies will help a lot to make the next employer grow too.

4.  Enjoy Freedom

You know that feeling of being sick with the routine. Quite obviously, it isn’t healthy for your mind and body. If it feels that bad, it only means that your mind is signaling you that something is making you suffer. Ditch that thing off and come back some time later if you want, you perform well when nothing is weighing you down.

5.  Leverage through Job Networks

When you switch careers, you get the chance to meet new people along the way. There’s a big hidden job market out there, and it is for those who network effectively. When you’ve stayed too long in a company, you meet the same people, so your knowledge of the current job market also becomes limited. Keep growing your network from different companies and prove people that you are doing great each time.

Job hopping is outrageous, yes. But it does give you some backbone to say that you’re progressing in achieving your dreams, not merely gathering moss.

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