Job Benefits That Make Millennials Stay in Their Jobs

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As per Gallup, millennials carry a job-hopping reputation. People born between 1980 and 1996 tend to leap from firm to firm. The study states that 21% of the millennial generation has changed their jobs within the past year. We understand if you don’t know how to turn on and keep Gen Y as a workforce. After all, the said generation has gained a bad name for acting “lazy” and “selfish.” So, why does this talented labor force like to move around? What’s behind the urge to hunt for new jobs? What job benefits are they looking for in a company?

Gen Y is taking over the U.S. labor force. So, if you’re a hiring firm, assessing what job benefits to offer can help you reel in a talented staff. They aren’t as hard to woo as you think they are. In fact, recent studies stated that most job perks millennials need are low-cost or free.

Job benefits can boost a staff’s drive to commit and work harder for a company. But aside from financial assistance, what are other job benefits that can surely attract job hunters? Eager to know what millennials want in the workplace? Check out these job perks your business should consider offering.

48 Job Benefits Your Firm Must Consider Providing

What benefits do millennials want in a job? We can assume that it’s more than just money. Though some trades require tough work settings, there are firms that strive to create a pleasant working environment. Through offering job benefits, you can attract loyal workers and keep them. Aside from the mandated employee benefits (medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and retirement plans), here are some of the best employee perks you should heed.

Pampering Perks

From small and thoughtful to grand and luxurious assistance, this group of job perks highlights the ways businesses can entice workers. If you find a company that offers both career growth and these awesome benefits, we bet you’ll have a good time.

1. Nap rooms

2. Weekly ice cream treat

3. Office decoration stipend

4. Free snack cupboards

5. Free fruits and vegetables

6. Monthly chair massages

7. Kegerator

8. Free breakfast

9. Game rooms

10. Paid fitness memberships

11. Sporting event tickets

12. All-expense-paid holiday party or weekend getaway


Lifestyle Perks

Members of Gen Y love the “work hard, play hard” mindset; they are into work-life balance. So, kudos to hiring managers who know how to handle this rough edge.

13. Respecting employee’s life outside office hours (e.g., no sending emails, calling, or texting outside working hours)

14. Casual dress code

15. Flexible work schedule

16. Freedom to use paid holidays on the day of their choice

17. Paid day off on their birthday

18. Reduced hours in the summer

19. Wellness program rewards

20. Infant at Work policies


Community Perks

Most millennials grew up volunteering and taking part in group activities. Hence, they don’t want to give up those things now that they are working. So, employers who support community involvement and collaboration score big points to millennial workers.

21. Monthly potlucks and parties to foster unity

22. Book clubs

23. Costume contests and random office fun

24. Knitting and other hobby clubs

25. Organized volunteer efforts or board service

26. Paid membership fees to service and activity clubs

27. Sponsorship of employee sports team

28. Staff retreats and brewery tours


Convenience Perks and Special Deals

Let’s face it, anything that makes our lives a little easier is a big deal. Millennials love employers who give job perks to lighten some of their daily challenges. They love job benefits that ease them from tedious yet vital tasks of living.

29. Discounted rates when buying gadgets through the employer’s accounts

30. Mobile stipend

31. Travel discounts

32. Freebies (e.g., free gadgets, magazines, or Netflix subscription)

33. Errand running services (e.g., dry cleaning, taking employees’ vehicles for oil changes, etc.)

34. On-site corporate fitness facilities

35. Personal use of phones and tablets

36. Commuting allowance


Culture Perks

One of the main reasons young professionals pick a company as the “Best Place to Work (or Intern)” is culture. And the best part about this? Most culture perks won’t cost you a dime! Millennials thrive under hands-on experience that gives them a voice and a seat at the table. They want firms to trust, respect, and appreciate them for what they present.

37. Opportunity to be part of the decision-making process

38. Dedication to educate employees

39. Employee feedback surveys

40. Right to share opinions and respect for different views

41. Encouragement and feedback

42. Family atmosphere in the workplace

43. Freedom to take initiative, be creative, and make things happen

44. Mentorship to grow and improve

45. Fun work environment

46. Lunch with CEO on their birthday

47. Open communication and transparency

48. Challenging and rewarding work


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