9 Illegal Job Interview Questions to Watch

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During job interviews hiring managers will try to fish for as much data about you as possible. But remember that applying for a job doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your personal—and private—information. Discover which illegal job interview questions you must prepare for.

9 Illegal Job Interview Questions  You Might Encounter

1. “Where were you born?

Asking this illegal job interview questions involves your origin and race. If they’re worried about your papers, they can simply ask if you are indeed authorized to work in the country.

2. “How old are you?

There have been numerous cases of age discrimination during the hiring process. Instead of letting them ask this illegal job interview questions,  inform them that you are of the right age to be part of the workforce.

3. “What’s your religion?

Like race, religion is a very sensitive topic and therefore among the illegal job interview questions. But don’t jump into conclusions just yet. There are instances that hiring managers just want to know about specific holidays and tradition you observe.

4. “Are you married?

Interviewers might ask this to determine how much time you’d be able to invest in the company. This can be considered among the illegal job interview questions as it can reveal your sexual preference.

5. “Do you have children?

It is against the law to deny job seekers employment if they have children or are planning to have one. Therefore, be on the lookout for these biased and illegal job interview questions.

6. “Do you plan to get pregnant?

This is to determine whether you’ll be taking a maternity leave during your service. These illegal job interview questions are unfair and against the law to base a decision solely on this.

7. “Do you smoke or drink?

As long as the products are legal in the country, employers can’t prohibit an employee, especially if they are not in company premise. Be wary of illegal job interview questions of this nature.

8. “Have you ever been arrested?

Those that ask illegal job interview questions such as these try to explore your past and how might it affect that company. However, remember that we are all innocent until proven guilty. The only thing an employer can ask to broach the subject is, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”

9. “Have you ever used illegal drugs?

Inquiring about your past drug addiction is unlawful. What they can request for instead is a full medical checkup.

When you encounter these illegal job interview questions, keep in mind that you don’t have to jump into conclusions. Maybe the interviewer didn’t mean anything bad by his/her queries at all.

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Source: Business Insider| HR World

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