Resume for Graphic Designers: How It Mirrors Artistry

Graphic Designers Resume
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A report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that jobs for graphic designers will grow by 7 percent until 2022. This rate is slower than the average for all types of job. So if you want a career in this field, expect that you will face strong competition for the open posts. To become a first-rate candidate, one must have the best graphic designers resume possible.

A resume for a graphic designer is harder to make than for other fields because it needs to show the talent of the aspirant. To make it right, here are a few pointers.

What to Write 
  • Basic Details. Make sure your piece gives vital details about you, such as your name and contact data.
  • Work History. You must write each job experience as it relates to the position. Make sure to cite how you finished each project assigned to you. Do not fail to add, too, the tools and the mediums you used in doing each task.
  • Skills. Cite each artistic and technical skill in your copy. Most employers in this trade want to know the design expertise you have to help them decide if you are the perfect candidate for the post.
  • Education. Don’t fail to list the degree(s) or certificate(s) you earned, as well as, the school(s) you went to, and the date(s) you graduated.
How to Design It
  • Choose the Right Font Styles. Legibility is so vital that you must not go too much with your font styles and their sizes. Stay away from too small font styles. Remember, hiring managers just scan each document, so it is important that they get to read the content of your resume with ease.
  • Add Visual Features. As a graphic designer, placing visuals on your summary is a good move. In doing this, you are giving your future boss the chance to preview your skills.
  • Think of Clarity. As a candidate for a job that requires artistry, you can place artistic features on your document. This practice is common among designers. But using too many images, fonts, and colors may take the attention of the hiring manager away from the content of your document.

With these tips, writing a resume for the job may be easy for you. But if you still need help for your graphic designer resume, seek professional writing services. Contact us now!

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