It’s true that the state of our economy today makes it hard for most of us to find a job that pays well. Besides, several job seekers were part of huge layoffs while others were unemployed for a time. Therefore, it has become daunting for almost everyone to work again. Yet, by using the lists on a government job database, it’s now easier to find jobs in the comforts of your own home.

Top Government Job Database List

These websites itemize the different open government jobs today. If you want to start and find work soon, check the following government websites.

Federal Job Search

This website became active in 1999 under the name Further, it sends e-mails on open federal careers. With over six million members, it still gives fresh federal services to job seekers.


This free web-based government job database lets visitors find many vacant positions in public offices all over the country. Likewise, it helps such offices meet their duty to post federal career openings. To date, it has rather helped 17 million job seekers by enabling them to make or post their resumes to apply for work. The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) manages the site. In addition, OPM sets the hiring rules for every public office.

American Job Center

This site is a product of shared ideas among the education, labor, and business sectors in the United States, together with The White House. In particular, users can use this government job database to find work and training information to help them learn new skills here. Its main purpose is to give Americans the chance to become productive again.


A proud partner of the American Job Center, CareerOneStop draws support from the US Department of Labor, Employment, and Training Administration. This site serves as a source of work information and inspiration, giving tools that help most job seekers to find work.

With listings on a government job database, you can work again once you’re ready. It all depends on how you match your skills with the open careers from any of the above websites. With perfect skills and courage, you can work sooner than you think. Hence, browse these websites now, and find the perfect job for you.

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