Why Do Most New Graduates Fail to Get a Job Easily?

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Are you still jobless months after receiving your college diploma? You might have written something on your resume that has hurt your chances of getting an interview. If you want to make sure your resume is not making a wrong impression, you may seek help from a career expert and get a free resume review service.

Reasons New Graduates Fail to Make the Cut

  • Inconsistent formatting (Font types, font sizes, bullets, and dates shifts throughout the document)
  • Lengthy education section
  • Barely visible contact information
  • Resumes longer than two pages
  • Spelling and grammar errors

Top Factors to Consider

Though recruiters and hiring managers may not have enough time to review resumes, they still take note of a few important details when reading or skimming them. Make sure you consider the following:

1. Willingness to move

Are you willing to grab offers that would require you to move to another place? Make sure you inform your recruiter on this. If you are willing to take the risk, tell your potential employer your keenness to relocate through your cover letter. Specify, too, if you agree to relocate without charge.

2. Customized resume

Do not leave your recruiters guessing about the position you wish to fill in. Include a career tag that clearly states the job you wish to target.

3. Up-to-date and consistent format and details

Eradicate archaic words and inconsistent formatting from your resume. Refrain from using old templates and maximize on the latest resume writing trends. Moreover, check the job announcement and review the work description. Get a list of relevant industry keywords and include them in your resume.

4. Professional tone

Use a professional tone when writing your resume. Take note of the words you use and the way they sound. Avoid slang words and pay attention to how you organize your thoughts and how you construct your sentences.

In addition, write a professional-sounding email account that will make your resume look and sound presentable to the hiring manager. If possible, include both your name and surname in the address for easy recognition.

5. Qualifications

Do you worry too much about your lack of work experience? A functional resume can help resolve this issue. With this resume format, you can highlight your skills and take the recruiters’ attention away from your employment history.

6. Structure and organization

Put all essential sections and arrange them accordingly. See to it that every detail is significant to your job search. Keep the copy simple by maintaining a good balance of the white space. Place bullet points when enumerating your qualifications (in the summary section), duties, and key accomplishments. Minimize font size variation.

Benefits of Using Free Resume Review Service

New graduates have a fair chance of getting a job as with any seasoned applicant. To make this possible, however, they need to submit a gaffe-free resume that speaks best of the skills they offer.

If you have yet to land your first job months after graduating from school, you might have to check on your resume and consider getting professional help. A free resume review service could be your best bet. Career specialists can assess your resume without charge and advise you on how you can highlight your qualifications well. They can point out some resume mistakes and suggest ways on how to correct them.

Though you may use online tools and software to scan your resume for errors, professional writers who specialize in resume writing can give you the most effective resume evaluation. Unlike computer-operated resume scanners, a real resume writer can go deep into your credentials and suggest career tips on how you can tailor your application. They can assess your details carefully and give custom guidelines that AI-operated tools may not offer.
Meanwhile, if seeking a professional resume writer is your wisest option, seek one that also offers the best resume critique service. Find a company that provides customized review and offers a piece that can pass the ATS resume test. Do not hesitate to ask the firm, “Can you fix my resume for free?” as some companies lend a helping hand through free critique service.
Now, if you want a summary that passes tough review, hire quality resume writing service. Resume Professional Writers assures you of job interview within 60 days! Visit our site for more details.


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