Major Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders

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In today’s tight competition between companies in different industries, executives seek leaders who are more than just skill and ability. According to a contributor in “Entrepreneur,” Brian Tracy, a person learns to become a leader by adapting the deeds of other excellent leaders before him.

Learning effective leadership always starts from scratch. Gear up with the primary roles and responsibilities listed below:


Leaders’ directing role deals with the keeping of work and activities on the right path. Their direction determines the effectiveness of an approach or strategy to solve problems, assign tasks, meet deadlines, and maintain the momentum.


  • Explain or instruct things members need to understand.
  • Remain visible to them at all times.
  • Objectively considering various viewpoints.
  • Plan to ensure to achieve long-term success.

Knowing where to go and keeping control of the tasks while leading others is part of the coaching role. To embody the character of a good coach, one must learn how to encourage people and change their attitudes in a positive way.


  • Imply team effort by using the word “we” instead of “I.”
  • Develop effective dialogue and create concise responses to eliminate objections.
  • Take initiative to clarify expectations in a given task or assignment.
  • Lead by example.

A boss supports himself while a leader supports his team. Supporting a delegate emotionally and physically allows a leader to motivate them to become proactive at work.


  • Acknowledge the team’s effort by saying, “Thank you.” Or “You’re doing a great job!”
  • Never think twice to ask “What’s wrong?”
  • Openly talk about their feelings or thoughts.
  • Motivate members.

Leaders know their team members’ strengths, weaknesses, skills, and attitudes. With this, they can select the proper person to do an assignment or task.


  • Summarize task to delegate.
  • Believe in that selected person.

Leaders are not made, they are born. Get yourself familiar with these roles while you’re still a team member, because good leadership comes from great followership.

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