When a DIY is a No-No in Looking for a Job

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Should I hire someone to write my career portfolio? Will it really help my chances for an interview? Is it really worthwhile to hire a resume expert? Probably, these are the questions you have been asking yourself, especially if you already have a strong and compelling resume. Another thing that might be stopping you from seeking the help of a resume writer is the price it will cost you.

Hiring a professional resume writer can certainly be costly. But, have you ever thought that a professionally crafted application summary can be an investment? Actually, statistics suggest that in hiring a professional resume writer, you will have:

  • About 40 percent more chance to likely get contacted by prospective employers or recruiters
  • 31 percent more to likely get the interview
  • 50 percent chance of landing the job

Anyway, to further help you identify things and decide whether or not to resort to a professional resume writer, here are the signs that a do-it-yourself or DIY resume becomes a no-no, and it’s time to seek the help of experts:

Signs DIY Resume Is Not for You

1. You are not getting interviews.

You’ve been consistently applying for a job for three months or so, but you have not heard from the employer. Well, don’t get discouraged because this happens far too often. And the first and right place to start to keep you on the right track is by utilizing your resume.

2. You want to change your career.

You are having issues on how to clearly convey your new direction and what you can bring to your new role.

3. You have employment gaps on your resume.

You have periods of unemployment going for months or decide to return to the workforce after an extended absence, and you are having problems to tactfully address such issues on your application summary.

4. You have no idea where to start with your resume.

In today’s competitive job market, you need to consider a number of things for a resume to be effective. So, it’s best to seek assistance from experts in the field.

5. You feel like bragging when talking about your strengths.

A resume writer, however, can discuss your strengths, accomplishments, and skills without overdoing it. This will absolutely show how perfectly fit you are for the open position.

6. You think something is wrong with your DIY application summary, yet you can’t put your finger on it.

Well, it’s a clear indication that it’s time for professional assistance.

Experiencing any of the above is enough reason to seek the help of a professional resume writer.

If you are looking for the best resume writers, then look no further. Call Resume Professional Writers (RPW) at 1-800-845-0586 to talk directly to a career development consultant.

To know more about Resume Professional Writers and their top resume writing services, you may visit its web site.

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