Professional Cover Letter: Does Your Resume Need One?

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Job seekers often have several questions when it comes to their job applications. Considering the value of landing a job these days, it is vital for them to find out the answers before sending a resume or other application tools. This will increase the chances of getting an interview and help avoid failed applications. If you are an applicant, one of your usual questions may be, “Does my resume need a professional cover letter?” To answer that, let’s consider the following:


Sending a professional cover letter to your target employers is beneficial in several ways. First, it allows you to introduce yourself in a more “personal” manner, just like when you meet a person for the first time. Second, it is a great way to exhibit your communication skills and get noticed. Impress them with your words. Chances are the recruiter will find interest to review your resume.


In the contrary, if your writing skill is not that good, it may be to your disadvantage to send a professional cover letter. This is the case in particular when you can’t avoid committing grammatical and spelling errors in your content. Same goes with using templates. Employers and software will surely know if you use “recycled” content instead of creating a unique one for them.

When to and When Not to Write a Professional Cover Letter

Consider two factors when deciding whether you should write a professional cover letter or not. First, read the job ad to know if the employer needs one. If it does, then you are obliged to write your letter. There are also some instances wherein employers state “no need for cover letters,” so writing one will just waste your time. Just follow the instructions. But how about if there is no instruction about whether or not to write one? Evaluate your writing skills. If you think they’re at a high level, then it won’t hurt to send a professional cover letter. It might actually increase your chances of being hired.

Questions like “Does my resume need a cover letter?” can be answered by professional resume writers. Most of them also offer this type of service to job applicants. If you are not sure what to do or how to do something, trust the services of the resume professionals. You can’t risk the success of your application, just because you failed writing a professional cover letter!

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