Flight Nurses: Cover Letter Examples

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If you want to give care with a twist of action, flight or transport nurse is best for you. Aside from rushing off an ambulance, you are going to jump from a helicopter to help patients. For sure, it pays to do these works. You can earn as much as $97,000 a year. This wage is higher than what a ground-based nurse gets. In this case, you need the right tool to get you near employers. To create one, find online cover letter examples for flight nurses. It is beneficial that you know what exact pieces of information should you put in application papers.

What to Include in Cover Letter Examples for Flight Nurses

If you want other ways, write these things in your letter:

Degree and Training

You must have a Bachelor of Science degree or related degree. You should be a registered nurse (RN) that trained in these areas:

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Basic Trauma Life Support
  • Pediatric Life Support
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program


Your certificates can tell that you have appropriate hands-on practice. This will convince employers that you are adept in handling patients. Put here that you are a certified nurse, critical care nurse, or flight registered nurse.


Most hospitals only get a well-trained person to work as their flight nurses. If you have lots of practice in trauma and critical care, you are qualified. You must show that you have worked in this area for at least three years. This proves that you have the hands-on clinical expertise they can rely on. Add up that you have worked in public and private hospitals. Even if you work for rescue centers, military facilities, and other healthcare centers, they are crucial.


As a flight nurse, you must follow safety protocols and standard of care. You transport critically ill or injured patients through helicopters or other air crafts. Even in the midst of stress, you should have a sound presence of mind. You should know the right way to manage patients, and build good relation with them. In addition, you may find it useful to expound how you assess, plan, implement, and give care to injured or ill patients.

If you want to become a flight nurse, make a more detailed letter. But in some cases, requirements vary from states to states. So if you want to serve an area, study first the requisites.  From there, make a letter that makes you perfect for the job. Look for examples cover letter for flight nurses that show you what skills to write.

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