Handling Counter Offers in Resignation: React with Wits and Manners

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You may have finished the application process on the new job you plan to pursue. By this time, you are handing your letter of resignation to your current employer. But upon giving it, he requests you to stay and gives you a counter offer instead.

Will you accept it or not?

How to Handle Counter Offers

This, perhaps, is the biggest question that one has to answer whenever he/she faces such a case. When you’re torn between these unwanted instances in your work, what will you do? How are you going to handle the situation? Find out what you can do to make good and sound decisions.

1. Think of what made you leave.

It will be good to point out first the cause of your decision to leave your current job. Has it something to do with your salary or with the work area? Is it the job itself? Aren’t you happy or fulfilled with your tasks? Weigh things and see if your reasons are just and valid.

2. Choose where you can best employ your skills.

Your experiences have prepared for your professional career. It is a good thing to be in a position where you can best make use of your skills. This can be a great motivation for your chosen job. It’s a matter of where you are going to commit and spend your time smartly for your personal growth.

3. Pick the counter offer with better financial rewards.

Everyone wishes to acquire better and higher salaries. So when you are not sure about what offer to accept, go for the one that proposes better benefits and reflects your abilities. Counter offers are often a part of any salary negotiation. So be wise.

4. Do not be easily deceived.

Counters may be in the form of promotion, promises, more money, and the like. It is a misleading idea to accept an offer with just these reasons. You might get into trouble. Take a strong sense of pride with your decision and give value to yourself.

5. Be polite and honest during the talks.

Make it a point to keep yourself calm during talks. Just be polite when you try to refuse an offer. Present to the employer factual reasons to justify your choice. It will never make you less of a person anyway.

In the end, you really have to decide on whether to accept the counter offer or not. Either way you go, you must be prepared enough to face any consequence that may happen because of your decision.

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