Man looking for a stable job shaking hands with the hiring manager

How Will You Have a Stable Job?

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Do you believe you did every possible way to get a stable job but to no avail? You need not to worry, though. You still have ways to keep your hopes up and be on your track toward career success. As the old adage says, “Two heads are better than one.” In other words, success is more likely achieved if two …

professional resume writers reveal the best time for job search

Professional Resume Writers: When is the Best Time to Boost Your Job Search?

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Your written resume and keyword-rich cover letter are all prepared. Trusted career coaches have also optimized your LinkedIn Profile. Yet in the past 60 days, you haven’t heard from hiring managers. Don’t worry. Relax, sit back, and read. Here’s what professional resume writers reveal: there is a best time for everything. Yes, even in job search! Professional Resume Writers Answer: …

let the troops fall in, use resume writing services to reach the mission of the team.

Added Resume Writing Services: Your Back-up Defense in the Job Application Combat

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With Veteran’s Day considered a federal holiday, how do you plan to celebrate the event? More than attending the parade, why don’t you try talking to a veteran about his or her service in the US Armed Forces? You never know, you may get tips on how to build a career, even outside the military service and the government. Just …

best resume writers how to create your cover letter instead of you fretting in front of the computer

Best Resume Writers Say: Here’s How to Write Your Cover Letter

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Did you know that your resume is not the only job application document that you need to pay attention to? You guessed it right—your cover letter, too. That’s why, as we’ve gathered your queries, we found out that aside from asking how to get past applicant tracking system, job seekers search for answers to common cover letter questions, as well. …

sports resume could bring you to work in an arena full of people

Sports Resume: Making a Difference in a World of Social Injustice


Are you an avid sports fan? Who is your all-time favorite athlete or sports team? For sure, you dream of becoming a famous athlete. And you must possess the skills and the passion for the sports in order to succeed. But, did you know that for you to launch your sports career, you must first build an impressive sports resume? …

a professional hand shake to build rapport in job interview

Interview Rapport Building: How to Create a Connection with a Job Interviewer

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Employers hire candidates they like. While your experience and skills are crucial to securing a job offer, your ability to build rapport in job interview is just as important. Check out these tips and techniques below and learn how to create an interview rapport and ace the job interview. Five Essential Tips on How to Build Rapport in Job Interview …

white name no more african woman and american man in the workplace

Resume Whitening: Is It Still Necessary in the 2018 US Job Market?

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If you’re looking for a job, should you resort to resume whitening? With racial discrimination in mind, should you change your resume just to please employers? So, learn here how you can still use your non-white name and land a job in America today. White Name Resume: A Reverse Scenario Have you experienced racial discrimination in the workplace? Just when …

a woman who shows versatility during her interview in blue blouse

How Versatility Amplifies Your Edge in Job Hunting

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Today, the market sets a more competitive ground for job hunters. What should you have to stand out from your rivals? Should you act more mature and stiffer, or should you be friendly and open? Then again, versatility is a crucial edge in selling yourself. It’s important to show how that element in a resume can sway an employer’s view. …

answering salary question

How to Deal with the Dreaded Salary Question

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An interviewer asking a salary question is like an opponent drawing a double-edged sword. If you name a price too high, they will think you’re too expensive to hire and drop you from the list. But if you name a price to low, they will hire you and you’ll work dogged days for a price not worthy of your skills. …

Job Search Advice and Tips Applicants Should Avoid at All Costs

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Despite the myriad job-hunting tips available today, many job seekers are still clinging to outdated pieces of job search advice and resume writing tips. To help you discover who belongs in the “Don’t Listen” category, check out these old-school pieces of job search advice that a few “career experts” still recommend to job seekers. If your career guru suggests these …