Break Free: 8 Ways to Overcome Career Change Challenges

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More than grabbing a greater job opportunity, a career shift could be the only option to ignite your passion toward reaching career growth. However, this life-changing move is full of obstacles—from applying for a job to adapting a new work environment. Knowing these career change challenges may save you and help you succeed when testing the waters.

Possible Career Change Challenges

If you’re planning to hop to a different industry, take note of the following obstacles that you might experience:

  • Finding the right job quickly
  • Lack of time for thorough job hunting
  • Proof of your qualifications or at least inclination to the target job
  • Insufficient experience/exposure and knowledge about the new industry
  • Stiff competition in the labor market
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of failure at trying your hand at new job
  • Keeping motivated on your career shift decision

Ways to Beat Career Change Challenges

If you’re unhappy with your current job, break away. Go where your heart is. But to overcome one or all of the career change challenges mentioned above, consider these helpful tips:

1. Think about your possible career change challenges.

What made you decide to pursue a new, different path? Before you make up your mind, consider many factors—not just your interest or passion and high salary offer. Ponder on the ease of application in a tough job market and available openings. Also, contemplate on your financial stability just in case you failed to penetrate a new field.

2. Cite your reasons.

Give yourself at least three good reasons why you should pursue a different career path. These don’t just convince you of your other talents but eases the anxiety deep within. Relay these reasons to people whom you consult with your ideas and plans.

3. Create an action plan.

If you’re certain to push through and overcome your career change challenges, then don’t hesitate to do it. Start planning. Identify all your goals and create possible alternatives in case your initial plans don’t work. Be confident and do your best make them happen.

4. Anticipate possible obstacles.

Any career shift move goes rough and even rougher after a successful transition between professions. Hence, expect to face hindrances as you go through career change challenges. This will prepare you for whatever result you may get and keep you focused and motivated. During job hunting, be patient—remember that the change you want won’t happen overnight.

5. Sharpen your craft.

It’s not enough that you are passionate about your target field. It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to beat the career change challenges. While still employed, take time to undergo trainings, research, and ask industry experts. These will help you develop your skills, discover your potentials, and grasp the world you’re seeking to enter.

6. Build your circle of friends.

Career journeys aren’t solo missions. Apart from your family and friends, find a mentor (if possible, a career shifter) who can give you genuine career advice how to beat career change challenges. Start making connections and seek other professionals’ honest feedback. This way, you’re broadening your perspective.

7. Stay positive.

Face your fear of rejection by having a mindset that keenly accepts negatives. Among the tricks to overcome career change challenges is to turn every bad outcome to your favor by taking every adversity as a challenge and by learning from experience.

8. Embrace these career change challenges.

Should you succeed in your pursuit, love your job. Make new beginnings an inspiration to excite you.
Indeed, professional life is also about achieving happiness.

If you want to shift careers, endure the burdens it entails. Resume writing is also one of the career change challenges you’ll face. If you can’t create your own piece, seek our professional resume writing service.

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