google resume

Google Resume: Why Everybody’s Interested in It

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Sure, Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s corporation is just the best place to work for in the whole wide world. And since many are vying just to have a cubicle in their office, you are entering a cut-throat competition with achievers and high-end professionals. If you’re looking for some pieces of advice in making your Google resume, you’re in the …

noticeable resume

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

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Out of the many, many stack of documents inside a hiring office, there’s a pretty good chance that you wondered at least once, “How can I have a noticeable resume among that pile?” But relax, the jaded human resource manager actually read all those documents even just for a measly 6 seconds each. So don’t think that your efforts of preparing a …

write your own resume

What to Keep in Mind When You Write Your Own Resume

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Before planning to write your own resume, you must consider making it neat and simple. Today, there are many creative ideas on the Internet. Most of us tend to overdo the format and the design. Remember that it must look formal before you can use it in applying for a job. It must not end up looking like a scrapbook. …

perfect college resume

5 Quick Tips to Have a Perfect College Resume

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Is there such thing as a perfect college resume? For sure, there are different views and opinions on how to compose an application document. Actually, there are thousands and even millions of thoughts about it. But the truth is there is actually no such thing as perfect, just a comprehensive one. Writing tips are all over the Internet. But if …

an applicant is getting ready for phone interview

Preparing for a Phone Interview after a Face-to-Face Meeting

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Just when you thought that the nerve-wrecking stage of being tested by some corporate bigwig is over, your landline rung, and surprise, it’s the HR who gave you the cold handshake last week! Bet you didn’t miss him. But what’s worse, he said the line will be directed to your prospective corporate manager for a phone interview. Grunt. You haven’t …

social services resume

Social Services Resume: Apply, Act, and Inspire

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The least of the things you can get from being a public servant is a sense of purpose. And that is exactly why you have to undergo the strictest employers when applying for a career and a vocation of rendering help to other people. You need to have with you a strongly-written social services resume. Non-profit organizations and charitable companies …

employer tearing off contract for employment termination

Effectively Explain Termination in a Job Interview

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Receiving a termination letter is hard. Some got overwhelmed with different emotions, while some lose their confidence. But finding a job after the unfortunate incident is even harder. So, if you are among the ones undergoing this phase, stand your ground! You need not to live with the stigma forever. Here’s for the job seekers aiming to start anew without …

free resume samples

Beware of Free Resume Samples

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Not sure about how to start your application? Worried that your documents might get dumped? Then, you may probably considered using free resume samples online. But how can you tell if the sample you found is good or not? What Do You Need to Consider Before Using Free Resume Samples? Relevant Content In writing one, you must first have an understanding …