American Eagle Day Eagle with the American flag at tha back

In Celebration of American Eagle Day: Be an American Eagle

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In most part of the globe, June 20 is an ordinary day. For the large American population, however, this is a time to celebrate. The day set to remember an iconic American symbol, the bald eagle. Thus, the American Eagle Day. Ronald Reagan first announced the bald eagle as an American symbol on January 28, 1982. In fact, he approved …

Gender pay gap as symbolized by a female model in a photoshoot posing as Snow White

Once Upon A Dream: Gender Pay Gap Will Not Exist

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Based on the report of the World Economic Forum, it’ll take 100+ years bridging gender pay gap. Also, a 2018 study by Payscale showed that in every dollar a man earns, a woman only earns 77.9 cents. But is 100 years of waiting possible? All women out there will agree we can’t. Don’t worry; stop the long wait to live …

a man in a professional suit trying to look for a job and avoiding job interview fails

Job Interview: How to Crack Your Interviewer’s Body Language

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Finally, you got invited to an interview and you’ve come a step closer to get your dream job. However, while you’re nailing the job prospect, some job evaluators show altered gestures that lead you to baffling ideas. Most people think it’s tough to assess your chances after an interview. Some may lose hope and absorb the body gestures as failed …

white name no more african woman and american man in the workplace

Resume Whitening: Is It Still Necessary in the 2018 US Job Market?

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If you’re looking for a job, should you resort to resume whitening? With racial discrimination in mind, should you change your resume just to please employers? So, learn here how you can still use your non-white name and land a job in America today. White Name Resume: A Reverse Scenario Have you experienced racial discrimination in the workplace? Just when …

a woman wearing yellow pullover looking for an article in the interent about gaining a resume writing skill using her laptop

Resume Writing: Beyond Skill and Career

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In today’s advent of technology where artificial intelligence or AI slowly dominates most industries, writing remains as one of the top necessity across all businesses. Resume Professional Writers, a resume writing company that provides quality services shares a story of how one of their expert writers, Hailey, helped an aspirant to land a lucrative career in teaching. Resume writing skill …

Salary Negotiation tips: two brown haired female interviewers face another blonde female applicant

The 5Ws and 1H Guide: Salary Negotiation Tips You Should Know

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Preparing for your interview requires you to have a checklist. You must prepare your clothes, resume, and portfolio for the big day. More importantly, you must be ready for the final hurdle in the interview. Give the perfect answer to the crucial question, “What’s your salary expectation?” Hence, here are the 5Ws and 1H of salary negotiation tips to help …

working mother with her kid

Work-Life Balance and Time Management Tips for Working Moms

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Nothing beats the busy schedule of a full-time working mother. Her day often starts by preparing food and sending off her children to school and husband to work. After these, she’ll transform into a regular 8 to 5 employee. Then, head back home to cook dinner and attend to her family. Thus, as Mother’s Day draws near, Resume Professional Writers …

best resume writing techniques

Get the Best of Resume Writing Techniques

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There is a miasma of job application tips out on the World Wide Web telling you what to do and what not to in order to write a compelling paper of your own. The ironic thing is that this great jam of information only baffles you more. So instead of blogging here yet another exasperating list of do’s and don’ts, …

Hosting A Successful “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2018”

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Are you planning to hold a Take Our Kids To Work Day in your company? If you want this event to make the grade, know first why people celebrate it and learn the dos and don’ts of this occasion. For your reference, here are the points to remember from our trusted online sources. How It Began The Take Our Daughters …

woman following resume writing trends

What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2018 Resume Writing Trends

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Although the basic sections and contents of resumes remain the same, use new resume writing trends to stay informed and gain a unique selling point over other job seekers. Hence, as new graduates join the job market, trying these resume writing tips will help you edge them when you write or rewrite your own job application tool. Resume Writing Trends …