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Nursing Cover Letter: Your Pass to the Holistic Care Field

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American Holistic Nurses’ Association defined holistic nursing as “all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal”. Now, many people have embraced this new area of care and have even looked at it as an alternative healing method. The practice deals with the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of humans. Charmed to be an agent of …

SES government jobs

SES Government Jobs and How to Get Them

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For people who worked in the public service for a long time, there’s no doubt that landing a job in the Senior Executive Service (SES) will not be hard. But if you’re just starting to make a name, then it’s another story. If you love to lead people as a public servant, then you may want to check the skills …

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Executive Assistant Cover Letter: What to Tell Your Future Boss

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If you want to be an executive assistant (EA), prepare yourself to work behind great minds. Remember, you will not only be working with ordinary workers. You will be dealing with top executives, presidents, and people with high-ranking positions. Thus, it’s only fitting that you know the tough road you are heading. Are you up for the challenge? Then you …

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Flight Nurses: Cover Letter Examples

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If you want to give care with a twist of action, flight or transport nurse is best for you. Aside from rushing off an ambulance, you are going to jump from a helicopter to help patients. For sure, it pays to do these works. You can earn as much as $97,000 a year. This wage is higher than what a ground-based …

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SES Jobs in Federal Government: Truth behind Pay Grades

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Senior Executive Service (SES) is among the highest paid jobs in the US federal government. They fall under C-level types and are the same as general or admiral posts in the US Armed Forces. But unlike other high-level posts, not many choose to pursue SES jobs these days. Senior execs either retire early or transfer to a private firm. A …

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Examples of Written Resumes: Fake Ones and Their Aftermaths

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Don’t have a great job profile to pull off a job application? Don’t worry; it’s not always hard to have one. You could ask help from someone or expert resume writers. Just make sure, though, you don’t cheat your future employer. Learn from these famous examples of written resumes with aim to deceive employers just to get hired.  Find out why …

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Sample Resume for Nurses in Emergency Units: What’s In It?

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Of all areas in the health care world, the emergency unit is the most demanding of all. If you work in this section of the hospital, you will always be up on your feet attending to various emergency cases. But if you are ready for all the action that it has to provide, prep your resume using the best sample resume …

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Cover Letters for Diabetes Management Nurse Essentials

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Diabetes is one of the leading reasons of death in the world. In the coming years, the number of people having this kind of disease is expected to grow largely. Good thing, our devoted medical experts are finding the best ways possible to address this issue. If you are applying for the post, it is important that you learn the …

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Writing a Perfect Resume for LinkedIn: Its Perks

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How people do tasks this Internet age has changed drastically from how they used to be. Shoppers used to go to the mall to buy goods or scan the yellow pages when they need services. Now, people do it with just an online search and a few clicks and will see the results on the screen. Staffing methods have also …

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How to Boost Your Job Chances for a Nursing Assistant Post

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The demand for nursing assistant jobs has remained high over the years. In fact, several health care institutions still hire people to fill such posts. Thus, if you want to be part of the healthcare industry, you should know the qualifications to join it. To further help you create a nursing assistant cover letter, use these tips that can likewise …