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Sample Nurse Resume: What Perioperative Nurses Must Look For

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As the need for nurses continues to rise, all nursing graduates have their own choices of what type of work to take on in the medical field. If you are one among those who are still looking for health care jobs, you might want to work as a perioperative nurse (shortened here as PN). Check out a sample nurse resume …

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Transplant Nurses Resume Sample: Tips to Make it Effective

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The work of transplant nurses is to care for patients before, during, and after their organ transplants. Thus, applicants for this job must have nursing certifications, a range of skills needed for the job, and wide experiences in health care. If you look at nurses resume sample, you will find these things in the content. Here are some tips on how …

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Nurse Resume Examples: Pediatric Nursing Career

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Infants, children and adults need proper health care to ensure physical wellness. A Pediatric nurse (PN) has roles in fulfilling this. If you want to become one, there are qualifications you have to meet and duties you have to do. If you want to apply for the job, it is important to look for effective nurse resume sample and use them to guide you. …

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Professional Cover Letter: Does Your Resume Need One?

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Job seekers often have several questions when it comes to their job applications. Considering the value of landing a job these days, it is vital for them to find out the answers before sending a resume or other application tools. This will increase the chances of getting an interview and help avoid failed applications. If you are an applicant, one …

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Nurse Resumes Samples: Your Key to Rehabilitation Care

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Rehabilitation nurses  provide care for people who have disabilities to help them attain optimal function and better health. They work in long-term patient care facilities at inpatient and outpatients settings. Aside from taking care of their patients, they also educate patients’ families about their disabilities, helping them adjust in the long run. If you want to become an ReN, you …

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Best Cover Letter Tips for CRNA Registered Nurse

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A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist or CRNA oversees anesthesia given to patients. CRNA is an advanced practice that only a registered nurse or RN can have. Such nurse is educated and trained in pathophysiology, anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, chemistry, physics, and pharmacology. If you want to be a CRNA, you should have a good job profile and the best cover letter …

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Examples of Nurse Resume: Learn to Write Your Own Story

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Resumes are a basis of an employer on who to choose for the interview. For sure, as he scans over these piles of paper, he will look for the ones that tell unique stories through their qualifications. If you are a school nurse practitioner who does not have enough talent to write, creating a job hunt tool will certainly be a …

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Cover Letter Sample for Nurses on the Crime Scenes

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Nurses play a vital role in the field of healthcare. They do whatever it takes just to save people’s life. While most of them work in hospitals and nursing homes, others perform their duties in places we least expected. Did you know that there are nurses who travel to crime scenes, prisons, morgues, and police stations just to fulfill their jobs? …

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Declining an Interview: How to Do It Courteously

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When you have to turn down an interview, saying a plain “no” is not the right way to do it. In the first place, why should you do it the polite way? In declining an interview, you can do it the blunt way, or to not even say a word. But if you do it in a graceful way, recruiters …

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Management Resume Samples: Have an Eye for Details

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It may sound too ironic that an employer gets a large bulk of resumes each day but spends just a few seconds to screen each of them. As a candidate on the hunt for a management-level job, you need to make a tool that will stand out among the piles of papers.The question is: can you write one? No worries! …