federal ECQs: narrative statement sample

Narrative Statement Sample: Preparing Your Federal ECQs

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Applying for a federal job is not as easy as for private offices. To apply for a Senior Executive Service (SES) career, you must complete some items. Aside from the interview and assessment, you must also submit a narrative statement for them to know if you’re qualified for the job. A narrative statement sample is among added job application documents used …

excellent: resume help online

Resume Help Online: Choosing the Best LinkedIn Profile Picture

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Having an online resume today is pretty much a smart move to succeed in job hunting. The best way for job seekers to reach more employers is by presenting an online profile. This is why seeking a resume help online is also in the bloom. And LinkedIn  is the best resume social network that most experts prefer to use. As …

veteran resume help

Veteran Resume Help: The Real Score behind VRA

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VRA stands for Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment (VRA), which is a special authority that allows agencies to hire eligible veterans without competition. Note that one can assume a post at any grade level up to the GS-11 rank. This program aims to provide jobs and training course for veterans. This article helps you identify if you are fit for the program. …

perfect resume sample

Interior Designer Resume: Skills to Trade

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To be an interior designer, you use your knowledge and skills to enhance homes and business settings. Without a doubt, you can make inner spaces chic and functional. But what makes this career a tough race to run? You have to be great not just in transforming spaces, but in translating your vision into words, in the form of your …

DOD resume

DOD Resume: Points to Consider When Applying for a Job

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The US Department of Defense (DOD) gives a lot of opportunities for people who want to use their skills to earn a federal job. If you want to apply in the DOD, there are some points you should consider for success, including how to write a DOD resume. Perks of working in the DOD Aside from great pay and benefits, …

management resume sample

Manager Resume Examples and Tips for Would-be Bosses

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Launching your first managerial role is a big test. When you apply for a management job, you will vie with some seasoned professionals out there. If you don’t have the experience, how will you outshine them? How should you write your resume? You can look for entry-level manager resume examples or heed these tips to succeed in your quest: Choose …

Canada flag: national job search sites

Take 5: The Top National Job Search Sites in Canada

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Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of land area. With that, you are sure to find lots of jobs across the region. If you will live in Canada, you are in one of the best places to start a career. Do you know where to look for them? If not, here are five of the …

cap: veteran resume examples

Veteran Resume Examples: The Set Up of a First-Rate Profile

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If you are a veteran looking for a new job, then you should take these tips on how to make a first-rate resume. In doing so, you can succeed in your job search. But how can you vie with other experts in the industry? What strategies can you use to impress employers? Most career expert would say that you review some …

Should a Resume Have a Cover Page

College Admission: Should a Resume Have a Cover Page?

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When you want to get into college, should a resume have a cover page? You have to! This way, you don’t have to stretch out your resume just to impress the admission team. Your cover letters will do it for you. Here are the things your cover page can do when you apply for college: 1. Defines your potentials. Admission officers …

career path: skills inventory test

Skills Inventory Test: Choose Which Career Path to Pursue

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If you are ready to make a big career leap, start by assessing yourself! Skills are simply the things that allow one to achieve certain tasks. But for job seekers, they mean much more than that—these are their tickets to get to their dream jobs. Before you start your job search, it is good to know first your qualifications that can help …