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How to Write a Musician Resume to Get a Job in the Music Industry

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Are you an aspiring musician eyeing for a big break in the music industry? Perhaps, one of your goals is to get a job; however, once you find the perfect key, vast job prospects open. Today’s trade is wide and complex. You’ll need to exert much effort in order to shine and attract an employer. So, what do you need …

RPW_quarter-life crisis_Millennial woman holding four strips of paper

Quarter-Life Crisis and the Culprit Behind Getting Lost

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“Not all those who wander are lost.” Have you ever used this quote on one of your Instagram posts? Did you think you could conquer the world, no matter what challenge would arrive? However, as you go back to reality, did you become uncertain in life? Don’t worry; 7 in 10 millennials experienced it, and goes by a certain point: …

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9 Political Resume Skills You Need to Join the World of Politics

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Do you watch news about politics? Do you react to #Trumptweets? Do you find yourself frustrated with current events? If you want to make a difference for America to be great again, why don’t you join politics? But, it’s more than just kissing babies’ heads. Sometimes, before you run for a position, you must work in political campaigns for a …

sports resume could bring you to work in an arena full of people

Sports Resume: Making a Difference in a World of Social Injustice


Are you an avid sports fan? Who is your all-time favorite athlete or sports team? For sure, you dream of becoming a famous athlete. And you must possess the skills and the passion for the sports in order to succeed. But, did you know that for you to launch your sports career, you must first build an impressive sports resume? …

acting resume is the first thing actors must have to join an acting set

Acting Resume: Breaking into the Entertainment Industry as LGBTQs

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Imagine seeing yourself on the screen and your colleagues applauding you. Then, the host of a famed award-giving body announces you as the winner. You’re now before a group of respected people in the entertainment industry saying a few words because you won an acting award. Do you want this to become real? Start your road to stardom when you …

Teacher Resume

Teacher Resume: 5 Things You Need to Achieve the A+ on Your Report Card

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Do you hear the school bell ringing? This time though, you’re at the other end of the spectrum. You’re now the teacher! But before you can stand in front of the class and enlighten the minds of students, you need first to hand in your resume—your final report card! Submit yourself to the school admin to check whether you’re qualified …

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Steps in Uploading Your LinkedIn Profile to Your Existing Account

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In current job search practices, your resume may not be enough to land your dream job. Hiring managers prefer online approach to find potential candidates. In fact, if you Google “how to become more visible to employers,” you’ll be surprised with countless articles that suggest boosting your online presence. This involves updating your social media profiles, such as your LinkedIn …

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Finding Clues to Deciphering a Specialized Resume

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Are you fond of puzzles? Do you find pleasure in spotting even the smallest slights? Well then, you might be interested working in fields that need a keen eye. Did you know you need a specialized resume before you land the job? Are you up to the challenge? Better, put on your detective’s hat and bring along your folding pocket …

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Dos and Don’ts in Preparing a Killer Sales Resume

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You might have already read a bunch of rules from various experts on how to write a resume. But I’m sure that one piece of advice is common among them — customize your resume. In plain language, tailor your resume to your target position and industry. If you’re interested in a sales job, then what you need is a sales …

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Interview Rapport Building: How to Create a Connection with a Job Interviewer

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Employers hire candidates they like. While your experience and skills are crucial to securing a job offer, your ability to build rapport in job interview is just as important. Check out these tips and techniques below and learn how to create an interview rapport and ace the job interview. Five Essential Tips on How to Build Rapport in Job Interview …