9 Part-Time Jobs in the U.S. That Offer Great Pay

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In our economy today a lot of people are looking for part-time jobs to earn extra income. Are you a student looking to save up or a regular employee who needs a bit more than what your full-time job offers you? Consider this list of the best paid part-time jobs that rakes in good pay:

Top 9 Best Paid Part-Time Jobs


Hourly Rate: $12.63 – $27.55
Most people are under the impression that Accountants can only work in offices. But this is now a profession that can be done from home.

Physical TherapistPhysical Therapist

Hourly Rate: $28.73 – $47.12
This kind of work usually concentrates on sports medicine, injuries, and children’s development.

Makeup ArtistMakeup Artist

Hourly Rate: $10.14 – $39.45
If you’re a Freelance Makeup Artist, you control your own hours. These professionals are most in-demand during birthdays, graduation, and weddings.


Hourly Rate: $7.99 – $14.94
Cleaning offices don’t take eight hours in a day. Janitors usually work after business hours.


Hourly Rate: $4.92 – $14.97
Bartending doesn’t require a degree; you just have to be quick on your feet and learn the job.

Freelance WriterFreelance Writer

Hourly Rate: $11.87 – $61.35
Experienced Freelance Writers that cover technical subject matter have a higher chance of receiving bigger paychecks.


Hourly Rate: $11.88 – $30.42
A Proofreader evaluates and examines a final draft or any other written document after it has been edited.

Graphic DesignerGraphic Designer

Hourly Rate: $10.76 – $28.53
If you’re into creating visual concepts, layouts, and production designs, you can be a freelance Graphic Designer.

Best Paid Part-Time Jobs: Social Media ManagerSocial Media Manager

Hourly Rate: $10.00 – $25.25
A lot of companies are looking for Social Media Managers. This is a job you can easily do anywhere as long as you have a laptop and a stable internet connection.

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