Best Graphic Designer Resume Tips This 2020

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If you’re looking for the perfect chance to turn your creativity and knack for visual design into a worthwhile career, then you must try graphic design. With all the tech advancements we have today, more and more industries are turning to digital platforms to boost their promotions. Take advantage of this shift and be a graphic designer today! Create a strong job search tool that will show your great design skills. See our graphic designer resume writing tips to help you secure more job calls.

Graphic Designer Job Outlook

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of graphic designers is projected to grow 3% from 2018 to 2028. This rate may be slower than the average for other careers. but in reality, the graphic design job chances are not limited to this career growth rate. In fact, having design skills is probably one of the most flexible abilities one could have. Hence, you can apply to almost all kinds of fields that would need designers for business purposes. You can also take extra courses or attend training programs to enhance your current skills. For instance, you can take web design or game design courses and apply for game production firms. This way, you’ll be able to snag more job opportunities from various fields.

Since graphic designers are in demand today, many job hopefuls aspire to land this dream job. With this, graphic designers might face strong competition given the number of available job posts.

What to Include in Your Graphic Designer Resume

Here are key elements you must include in your job-winning resume.

  • Basic Details. Make sure your piece gives vital details about you, such as your name and contact info. Create an email for professional use and dedicate a username that sounds credible.
  • Resume Summary. Start strong with a great resume summary. Mention your top skills, work experience, awards, and career goals. Consider this section as your elevator pitch. Don’t miss this chance to catch the hiring manager’s attention. Check out this guide on writing resume summary: Resume Summary Examples and Writing Tips for Every Job Seeker
  • Work History. You must write each job experience as it relates to the position. Cite how you finished each project assigned to you and the achievements you gained. You can also mention the tools and mediums you used when doing each task.
  • Skills. List down your artistic and technical skills in your copy. Most employers in this trade want to know the design expertise you have to help them decide whether you are the perfect candidate for the post. Know the job skills that hiring managers want to see in your job search tool here: Top Skills That You Need to Include in Your Resume
  • Education. Don’t fail to list degrees or certificates you’ve earned, as well as the schools you attended and inclusive dates of your completion.

Graphic Designer Resume Writing Tips

Graphic Designer Writing Resume For Job Search

Choose the Right Font Styles

Legibility is so vital that you must not overdo your font styles and their sizes. Stay away from too small font styles. Remember, hiring managers just scan each document, so it’s important you choose the right font to help them read the content of your resume with ease.

Add Visual Features

As a graphic designer, placing visuals on your summary is a good move. Doing so gives your future boss the chance to preview your skills.

Aspire for Clarity

As a candidate for a job that requires artistry, you can place artistic features on your document. This practice is common among designers. But using too many images, fonts, and colors may take the attention of the hiring manager away from the content of your document.

Include Keywords

Optimize your resume for easy tracking. Include relevant keywords into your resume to create a more targeted job search tool. You can check the posted job roles to get a hint of the terms that your hiring managers are looking for. This is also a good way to beat the strict parameters of applicant tracking system (ATS).

Create an Online Portfolio

Show them what you’ve got through your curated art pieces. It’s best to build an online account or website to compile all your works. Aside from the fact that this is helpful for your job search, this could also be a good way to track your progress. Hence, you can gain more ideas on things to improve as an artist.

Optimize Your LinkedIn

Build networks through your LinkedIn account. Always update your LinkedIn to gain more hiring chances. Aside from that, LinkedIn is a good way to establish online presence and meet more graphic designers that can help you grow. Learn techniques from other artists through this online space.

Partner with the Best Career Experts Today

The job competition is getting tougher! As we progress in this digital age, many job seekers work hard to land a spot in graphic design. Aside from the chance to turn their passion into a career, it’s also a great way to grow and hone your design skills. Don’t worry; you’ll surely land your dream job when you have an effective resume. Make your job search tool stand out. Impress your hiring managers with your skills and experiences. You can also seek for others advise when crafting your own resume.

Through these tips, writing a resume for the job may be easy for you. But if you still need help for your graphic designer resume, seek professional writing services. Contact our career experts now!

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