3 Best Hacks to Recruiters’ Logic to Have a Winning Resume

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You’ve found an interesting resume template online and tried to write your own. Since you placed so much effort in tailoring your generic resume, you wonder if recruiters are giving them equal attention. Even after gathering essential resume info and following your guide, you still question if those are enough for recruiters to notice you. Likewise, you want to know if your application passes the hiring manager’s resume screening standards.

If you want to learn foolproof strategies to boost your resume’s value, you’ve come to the right place. In this article is a resume screening checklist to aid you in writing an effective resume to entice your recruiter’s taste. Further, you’ll find insights on what employers look for in a resume and ways to take advantage of such awareness. So, get your pen and paper ready, and note the following pointers to help you score higher in resume evaluation.

Top Resume Screening Guidelines Based on Recruiters’ Resume Review Practices

Job search is a competition, and you’re only one out of the countless others vying for a coveted position. To assure your victory, arm yourself with the right weapon to use in your conquest. Further, think of your resume as a mighty sword you wield against rivals. To make a sword strong and powerful, makers forge it from the best quality steel. In creating a marketable resume, you must do the same. The elements you put together in the resume will define your job hunt success

Befriend the Applicant Tracking System

Recruiters only spend an average of six seconds to study each resume’s qualification. This sounds an impossible feat, unless they read in lightning speed or they have the mind of a robot. So, how do they do it? They get help from an ATS, an automated recruitment program to support them in managing and analyzing applicant info. The ATS does the first step in screening applications and resumes by scanning the data sent to it, and then producing relevant screening reports based on the scan results. Since ATS is a computer-based solution, you can use the following hacks to let your resume become agreeable to its algorithm.

  • Send your resume in Microsoft (MS) Word (.doc) format – Though the resume scanner reads files in PDF format, resumes in MS Word is more ATS-friendly. Thus, resumes in this format get better results.
  • Avoid illegible fonts – Fancy fonts don’t impress the ATS. In fact, if the program can’t read your font, your resume is as good as trash.
  • Make sure your spelling is on point – ATS uses only artificial intelligence, and computer logic can’t decipher misspelled words.

You may check out the infographic below for additional tips on how to top the Applicant Tracking Systems using resume analysis tools.

How To Top Applicant Tracking Systems Using Resume Analysis Tools_Infographic

How to Top Applicant Tracking Systems Using Resume Analysis Tools

How can you make a resume that not only responds to the job’s demands but gets you through applicant tracking systems or ATS and into the recruiter’s hands? Thanks to resume analysis software, entry-level applicants can now make sure their tool will pass the screening.

Why Use Resume Analysis Software

1. It helps you optimize your resume.
Resume analyzers take on the algorithms an ATS uses in rating pasted or attached resumes. In the same way, the score they produce, along with an explanation to justify the results can guide you and other applicants in improving your copy.

2. It offers you semantic matches.
Modern resume screeners place high regard for keywords. In fact, others don’t just focus on the job’s given keywords but on their semantic counterparts, too.

3. It boosts your chances of getting job interviews.
Jobscan, the maker of the online resume scanner with the same name, says applicants who use ATS keywords can “triple their chances” of securing a job interview. This view is so true if you can make a good scheme for your resume.

Tips for an ATS-Optimized Resume

1. Include keywords.
Keywords and key phrases are the life of ATS-optimized summaries. They’re the basis of automated resume reviewers’ ability to tell which applicant fits the jobs. So, make sure you don’t overstuff your copy with keywords.

2. Keep a simple format.
Simplicity is the key to befriending any ATS software. A rather complex format may clog the system and the discard your copy.

3. Label your piece.
Don’t forget to write your name and target job in your job application paper. These two also make a good file name, for example, “John Doe – Project Manager.” In addition, save the copy as a basic Word file, with either .txt or .doc file format–and not PDF.

4. Stick with conventional headings.
ATS-optimized resumes use simple terms for the headings such as Work Experience, Skills, and Education. Likewise, avoid using too creative and uncommon labels such as Professional Career, Core Competencies, and Academic Achievements.

5. Avoid visual and text enhancers.
ATSs work best with readable and scannable texts. Hence, you should avoid putting special characters, long paragraphs, tables, columns, text boxes, fancy fonts, underlines, colored texts, and page numbers.

6. Be sure with your spellings.
Like other programmed software, resume robots only read correctly spelled words—no matter how crucial the misspelled words are. Besides, these scanners just don’t care what you meant with the words you wrote.

7. Be careful with your social posts.
Now, a handful of resume screeners use social networks to check up on job seekers. Further, keep a good online profile that matches what your application tool says.

Use Proper Wording

Since we’re already talking of battles and conquests, let’s follow that metaphor. Knights conquer their foes using their skill in swordsmanship. Hence, if we compare job-hunting to a battlefield, we can picture one’s resume as his weapon against other candidates, too.

The words in a resume define its sharpness. Use the right resume keywords and gain a well-sharpened edge over others. In particular, choose the best buzzwords to add to your job skills list, and make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Otherwise, when you commit errors, instead of getting its approval, the ATS would scrap your resume because the system is unforgiving of such. Nobody wants a sword with a rather dull and useless edge.

Pass Resume Screening with Ease

Recruiters use computerized resume screening systems because of the ease they bring to the table. By following the tips above, you help the ATS relay a persuasive message regarding your qualification to your future employer.

If you want a professional resume checker to aid you in building one that will pass the ATS resume test with flying colors, contact us. Aside from proofreading services, our service offers career tips and interview advice, too, on our blogs page to help you turn up on top of the job search.

Click here to download a PDF version of the infographic posted above.

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