Administrative Clerk Resume Examples

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A company’s success does not lie on the leaders’ efforts alone. Like in a human body, the brain cannot function without the help of other organs. Thus, a functional office needs a dedicated team who can perform respective duties to support the business goals. This includes a staff of diligent administrative clerks. They are one of the most vital factors in business success, for they do a variety of tasks that make the process more efficient. Learn more about this career and see how you can land this job with the help of our administrative clerk resume examples and tips.

Administrative Clerk as a Career

Admin clerks work as the front line staff of businesses. They talk and lead their clients to the right team or person in charge. While having this direct access to clients, they also perform tasks that are related to the leaders. Thus, they bridge the gap between these two entities. If done right, admin clerks will respond to the needs of the clients and help the firm achieve success.

How can I become an office clerk? To land this job, you must have at least a high school diploma. It will also help if you can present training certificates related to the industry you are applying to. With this, many people seek to land this job post, thus making the competition a lot tougher. Aside from the minimal administrative assistant resume requirements, this job also pays well. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statics says that the median pay for admin clerk job was at $38,880 in May 2018.

Do you want to pursue this promising career? Here are the things you must know before drafting your support clerk resume.

The Roles and Responsibilities of an Administrative Clerk

Apart from the general role mentioned above, admin clerks also perform other admin tasks. Below are admin clerk core tasks and major roles you should know about:

  • Respond to client calls and emails
  • Manage schedule and update office calendars
  • Arrange office meetings
  • Write, file, and share reports and memos
  • Perform data entry tasks
  • Create and maintain office records
  • Fulfill basic bookkeeping duties

Given this list of common admin clerk tasks, other firms may require more depending on the industry and demand. Check out our office clerk resume samples to help you craft a job-winning resume.

Top 3 Skills of an Administrative Assistant

Since the race for this spot is steep, aspiring admin clerks must present themselves clearly. Keep in mind these top 3 skills and create a resume that will impress hiring managers.

First, one must have strong organizational skills. Office clerks keep track of office files and update events schedule. They must know how to organize and prioritize tasks aligned to the office goals.

Second, one must have an eye for detail. Administrative assistant must be able to notice small but important things immediately before it affects the team’s function. This will help the company avoid any unforeseen mishaps.

Last, one must be adept at technology. Since companies today use automated systems, admin clerks should know basic computer skills. If not, there are training you can attend to gain the required skill and tech knowledge.

Administrative Clerk Resume Examples

Now that you have read the basic roles and skills of an admin clerk, you’re ready to draft your administrative clerk resume! See our clerk resume sample to guide you on your draft.

The Best Resume from Administrative Clerk Resume Examples

Include related experiences. Since entry-level clerical job posts rarely require a bachelor’s degree, hiring managers focus on this area instead. Hence, include similar works in your resume to make you land the position.

Highlight skills. Aside from work history, hiring managers also merit one’s skills. Thus, include skills you deem necessary for this post. Take note of the three skills above to help you start this section.

Sprinkle relevant keywords. Many companies today use ATS software to screen resumes. Therefore, peppering your resume with the right keywords can help you pass through this new hiring system. Read on Two Truths and a Lie about the Applicant Tracking System to know more.

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