10 Young Entrepreneurs Who Became Highly Successful Before They Turn 40

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We see our teen years or our coming-of-age stage as wobbly steps from where we are to where we want to be. Our early 20’s usher us to make serious and firm decisions. And we can’t help but paint a clear picture of a successful life before we turn 30. But along the way, we likely experience twists and turns, bumps and humps. Some even believe that life begins at 40, the age when you are supposed to fully work out everything in life; when you are already stable and successful in both life and career. However, success comes in many forms. These successful young entrepreneurs are here to prove that you can earn success even before you turn 40.

Some self-made billionaires can agree that it takes real hard work and passion to pursue. They took the shot of turning wild ideas into business and started to trail the path to success. With this era of advance technology, people are more eager to express concepts that market their talents.

So, what made these successful young entrepreneurs to trail career success? Is it because they started young? Can we call these people genius for creating such apps and brand lines? Probably yes! This is to prove that you can achieve great things regardless of your age. Hence, if an idea struck you, take the shot and make it happen. It is never too late or too early to start chasing your dreams. Who are some famous entrepreneurs you know?

Young Entrepreneurs: Who Is the Youngest Entrepreneur in the World?


To prove that age doesn’t matter in becoming a successful entrepreneur is Kylie Jenner. With $1 Billion net worth of her make up line, Kylie Cosmetics, she is now the youngest billionaire in history and the youngest self-made billionaire too as per Forbes!

Reading young entrepreneurs’ stories is truly inspiring. Hence, if you want to become one, you have to start somewhere. From a professionally written resume to taking business and career advice by heart, you have to work hard. Here’s our successful young entrepreneurs’ list to give you the top 10 young entrepreneurs who proved that age is just a number.

10 Successful Young Entrepreneurs Who Earned Success Before They Turn 40


A Smiling Mark Zuckerberg Wearing A Dark Colored Shirt
Getty Images

1. Mark Elliot “Mark” Zuckerberg

Mark, one of the successful young entrepreneurs, has launched Facebook when he was just 19. Now at the age of 33, his amassed net worth according to Forbes is 73.3 billion USD.



Matthew Charles Mullenweg Smiling While Holding A Microphone
Chiku Chu/Wikimedia Commons

2. Matthew Charles “Matt” Mullenweg

Matt, 34, is the founder, CEO, and president of Automattic, the web development firm behind WordPress, Akismet, Gravatar, and much more. His last noted net worth was USD 40 million. He was 19 when he started WordPress.




David Karp Looking At The Camera As One Of The Successful Young Entrepreneur
Marco Arment from Flickr

3. David Karp

At 31, David’s net worth tops USD 200 million. On May 2013, Yahoo bought his short-blogging platform, Tumblr, for USD 1.1 billion and he stays as its CEO.




Successful, Young Entrepreneurs -Evan Spiegel
Bloomberg | Getty Images

4. Evan Spiegel

An American Internet entrepreneur, Evan Spiegel, who’s only 27 years old, is the co-founder and CEO of Snap Inc., the American multinational technology and social media company. Forbes noted that his net worth is 3.9 billion USD.




A Man Leaning On The Wall Named Blake Ross Who Founded Mozilla Firefox
Cropped Image from Facebook

5. Blake Aaron “Blake” Ross

Together with Dave Hyatt, the 32-year-old Blake created Mozilla Firefox and amassed a net worth of USD 150 million, eight years after its release.




Successful, Young Entrepreneurs - Jawed Karim
Picture was taken by Robin Brown Original uploaded by Jawed

6. Jawed Karim

Jawed Karim, a German-American who co-founded an American video-sharing website, YouTube, together with Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. This 39-year-old entrepreneur is also the first person to upload a video on it.





Drew Houston Smiling At The Camera As Part Of An Interview
JD Lasica from Flickr

7. Andrew “Drew” Houston

Drew, who’s 35 years old, is the founder and CEO of Dropbox, a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file syncing, personal cloud, and client software. According to Forbes magazine, his net worth reaches USD 1.4 billion.



Angelo Sotira Wearing A Checkered Polo And An Abstract Painting Behind Him
Igor from Fancycrave.com

8. Angelo Sotira

As co-founder and CEO of one of the largest online art gallery and community, deviantART.com. This 37-year-old successful man amassed a net worth of USD 75 million.




Kevin Systrom Wearing A Dark Colored Long Sleeves During An Interview
Kevin Mazur | Getty Images

9. Kevin Systrom

Kevin, who is one of the successful young entrepreneurs, is the co-founder and CEO of the online mobile photo and video sharing app, Instagram. This 34-year-old entrepreneur garners a net worth of 1.53 billion USD.




Daniel Ek Wearing A Lapel During An Interview With A Blurred Background
Magnus Höij from Flickr

10. Daniel Ek

Daniel, who’s only 35 years old, is the former CEO of μTorrent and the co-founder of music streaming service Spotify. He founded his first company at the age of 14 and has a net worth of USD 1.6 billion.




This list proves you can be successful even at a young age if you are firm enough to do it. Young entrepreneurs show that you can start young if you don’t let it stop you from achieving great things. Besides, everyone has some wild, enormous, and smart ideas waiting. Turn your visions into actions and focus to succeed.

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Photo by malcolm garret from Pexels

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