Do you want to move to Georgia for a job opportunity? If you have already made up up your mind, then you have to know the cost of living, employment/unemployment rate, and wage of workers in the state to help you decide. A relocation comparison can help you in working in Georgia.

1. Cost of Living and Working in Georgia

As per data shared on, the cost of living in the state is 8% lower than the US mean rate. This means that housing, utilities, and other basic needs have a high cost. If you want to buy a home, you need $128,200, which is the least price of a house here. Home appreciation last year was 4.9%. While transport expense is at average, cost of goods is higher than the median.

2. Georgia’s Employment and Unemployment Rate

Based on, the rate of jobless people decreased from July 2013 to April 2014. Then, the increase was felt in May and June of this year. Here’s the data about Georgia’s unemployment history:

June 2014 – 353,700
May 2014 – 345,390
April 2014 – 331,280
March 2014 – 334,088
February 2014 – 336,764
January 2014 – 344,339
December 2013 – 351,447
November 2013 – 359,415
October 2013 – 370,803
September 2013 – 378,871
August 2013 – 389,000
July 2013 – 396,238

3. What is the Georgia’s Wage Rate?

You will find that the least wage in Georgia is $7.25 per hour. This is the same rate that the US mandates. This means that if you will work here, you will also get the same pay most states give to their workers.

4. What are the Best Jobs in Georgia?

Based on, major work sectors in Atlanta is in legal, computer and math, architecture and engineering, healthcare, and business and finance. You will also find that physical and social science, arts and sports media, education and training, and community and social service are also booming in the state.

If you are thinking of working in Georgia, ask yourself, “can I handle the cost of living with the salary I will get?” So make a relocation comparison first. If you do what is essential, you can move away from the fiscal burden. Check the employment rate and job outlook, too. Are you not decided to move in Georgia? Try your chances in US Virgin Islands, instead. To make things easy, you may seek help from career experts.