As a college senior, winter break serves as a reward to pause from tiring school works, sleepless nights of studying, and grueling deadlines. Plus, graduation is around the corner so some of you might be wondering what to do to make the best of your vacation.

Here are some winter break activities you should be doing in preparation for your entry to the workforce:

E-mail Potential Employers

If you can visit your possible employers in person, send them an e-mail to let them know you’re interested to work in their company. Meeting them in person conveys them a message that you’re sincere. They will remember you in the future, for sure.

Create a Business Card

In case visiting different companies sounds tiring to you, maybe going to a networking event with a business card on hand will be a great idea. If you haven’t created your own Carte de Visite yet, better make one. You don’t want to miss the chance to meet plenty of executives, do you?

Create or Update Your Online Portfolio

In today’s digital era, most recruiters and hiring managers spend time searching for potential candidates online. According to “Forbes” contributor, LeanVest, only 15% of the millennials have a personal web site. Now is your perfect time to make one and set yourself apart from the rest.

Revamp Your Resume

Some opportunities strike when you least expected it, so it’s best to be prepared at all times. Whether it’s an internship, volunteer experience, or a new skill set, don’t forget to include it in your resume.

Catch Up with Recent Networks

Aside from making new connections, catching up with the ones you already have is another way of making your winter break purposeful. It’s important to keep your relationship with your previous internship manager or colleague to save your time in job hunting soon after you graduate.

Volunteer/Get involved in community services

You can also make the most of your winter break by doing some volunteer work. Not only you’ll help the community, but you’ll also make new connections and add a valuable experience to your future career as well.

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