Young people face a huge decision when they consider what to study in college. Often, high school students prioritize their interests and goals to decide what they deem to be the best college courses for them. They overlook, however, job market trends or current required skill set to sell themselves in the business world when they graduate. Hence, recruiters lose interest in their application or they experience “skills mismatch” when they get hired.

Most students suffer what we call the age-old dilemma to “do what you love or love what you do.” They ask, “How do I find my perfect career path or how can I pick the perfect course to fill the demand?”

Deciding What to Study in College Based on the US Job Market Trends

Job Market trendsExperts foresee a growth in this imbalance since Baby Boomers will retire soon. With this, students should grab this chance and consider good courses to study depending on what most employers need.

Quartz reported that recruiters will see an applicant’s skills rather than his or her education. They stated that certification and skills training will make resumes more attractive in the coming years. Hence, college students must focus on learning job-related skills if they want to build a career right after graduation.

Weighing Options on What to Study in College

Graduating in a TogaSince we know the trend, the answer lies in matching the demand. While others may push you to a career related to your passion, experts argue doing so won’t help. Passion may be inspiring at the start, but emotions fade over time. Once you lose your passion or become distracted, the drive and willpower to work goes away, too.

Likewise, a job you hate will wear you and make you fear doing it. A few workers who can’t follow their passion hop from one job to another. They lose the chance of building a fruitful career since they didn’t sow the right seeds.

Solution to Career Path Dilemma

Weighing career optionsThe key is to choose a career that fits your skills and personality. Don’t confuse this with passion since often both are extreme and unrealistic. Students must search for courses that align their skills with the job demand. For this to happen, they can take an online college career test to get an idea and to assess themselves.

Choose a course that has relevant skills for resume. Recruiters look hard on the job skills list; hence, build it to make your resume more impressive. Decide what to study in college. In addition, make your resume an effective tool that will help you succeed in your job search. Learn expert career advice and professional resume writing tips from our blogs.

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Image Source: Unsplash