Having a hard time showing employers your value? If you are not getting the position you want but are, instead, being offered a lower-paying job, try to go through your old professional resume. You may have a copy that is as old as the 1993 version of Windows.

Just telling people how great you are may have been easier. You may have made it big in your past work. But telling is different from writing. In contrast to telling your employer your qualifications, you must jam in your skills into a piece of paper. You have to make your resume as perfect and as smart as possible, or you will not make the cut.

So what do you need to do? First, review your resume and see if it will answer what most employers are asking.

  • Why must I hire you?
  • What is special in your work history?
  • What makes you unique from other applicants?

If your professional resume does not answer the above questions, you have make some changes on it. The best way is to stress your skills, length of work, and accomplishments. So how do you do this? Here are simple rules to rewrite your decade-old resume.

1. Create a precise framework.

Show who you are. Make it detailed, brief, and useful. Do not put trite and passive phrases to make it brief and precise.

2. Add interesting details.

Attract employers with skills that caused positive outcomes. Put in facts such as projects, achievements, and awards.

3. Show your skills.

Craft a professional resume that shows your skills. Do not forget to add your management duties.

4. Use powerful words.

Employers will see your worth if you use effective and strong statements. So include measurable and powerful words to prove your efforts. Show evidence of your true worth. Include the following details:

  • Impact of your work
  • Statistics such as budget size, sales, or revenue
  • Accomplishments and achievements
  • Skills for the target position
5. Add glaze to your professional resume.

Unless you write a strong and high-impact resume, you will not convince a future boss to hire you. Use action verbs and related keywords that will add life to your resume.

In having a career move, try to break bosses’ doubts. Write a winning resume that highlights your skills and shows your true worth as an employee.

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Image courtesy of Châu Thông Phan at StockSnap.io