The first quarter of 2013 gave positive news for veterans. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, veteran unemployment rate has declined dramatically compared to the general population’s percentage. As of April 2013, jobless rate was down to 6.2 percent, significantly lower than the 7.1 percent of veterans who were unemployed in April 2012.

Despite this good news however, most veterans still find it challenging to translate their military skills and experiences to civilian employment. As written by Tom Tarantino in his March 2013 TIME article titled, “The Ground Truth on Veteran’s Unemployment,” joblessness rate, especially for new veterans aged 18 to 24, remain significantly lower compared to their young counterparts. Amidst having far more skills and experience than their civilian peers, these new young vets find jobs extremely difficult to sight.

Primary reasons why many veterans do not successfully make the break into regular jobs…

Apart from the challenging economic environment and tricky job market, returning vets find it hard to translate their military skills to civilian and corporate skills. They realize the difficulty of explaining how their military training can be their greatest assets and how to present them properly in their resumes. They fail to sell themselves to employers and to link their experiences to the job being applied for.

Moreover, because vets spent their latest years in the military service, veterans’ most recent experience may not meet what prospective employers look for in a potential job candidate. Though resume is commonly recognized as the most powerful personal marketing tool, many veterans do not have the expertise to write a civilian-based work history that will be perfect and effective in their civilian career search. Also, the majority lacks the ability to articulately bring their unique areas of expertise, skills, and career milestone as a perfect candidate for a civilian job post.

True value of resume crafted by professional writers…

A lot of people undervalue the importance of a well-crafted application document. They fail to remember that their copies can perfectly convey ideas about who they are and how perfectly fit they are for the job position.They forget to keep it well-crafted and professionally written.

Creating a powerful and impressive employment document however, can be a daunting task, particularly for veterans. Apart from the difficulty of translating their military skills to non-veteran employment, they may also not be completely aware of the recent changes and demands of the possible corporate employer in the new and competitive job market.

Paramount solution to ease veterans’ major hurdle…

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