Veteran Resume Help: The Real Score behind VRA

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veteran resume help
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VRA stands for Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment (VRA), which is a special authority that allows agencies to hire eligible veterans without competition. Note that one can assume a post at any grade level up to the GS-11 rank. This program aims to provide jobs and training course for veterans.

This article helps you identify if you are fit for the program. Also, it gives resume help for veterans.

Are You Eligible?

The program is open only to those veterans who have been disjointed under honorable conditions along with any of these circumstances:

  • Disabled veterans.
  • Recipients of campaign badge for service in the armed forces during a war or in an expedition.
  • Recipients of the Armed Forces Service Medal for serving the armed forces in its operations.
  • Recently separated from active duty within three (3) years.

Upon completion of two (2) years of satisfactory service, the agencies have to convert them to the competitive service, which is a part of the US government civil service. VRA is a great place for one to fill in entry to mid-level posts. There’s no limit as well to the number of times you can apply under VRA.

If you meet the said requirements under the VRA, then you can submit your application package for potential hiring. Packages often include your resume or OF-612 along with other papers (e.g., Report of Separation from Active Duty). One can directly apply on the agency where he wants to work.

How to Make It

Translate your military tool to a civilian one—this is the first rule on your writing task. This time, your tool needs to focus on the core strengths and skills that the job requires. Your goal is to describe them in a language that civilian employers will grasp.

First thing to put in your piece is the job info (i.e., announcement number, title, and grade). Next are your personal details. Write down your name, address with zip code, contact details, SSN, country of citizenship, veteran’s preference, and federal civilian grade held.

What comes next is your education. After that, you have to expound on your work experience. Be sure to write all vital details about your past jobs. On the last part of your piece, you can list down other essential data, such as training course, license, and awards.

For resume help for veterans, look for a trusted resume writing service or an expert writer who can write you a winning job hunt tool.


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