Do you see potential growth in Utah (UT)? Use relocation cost of living calculator to scale the basic things in the state. First, let’s take a closer look on the relocation cost of living in Utah.

Looking at the Relocation Cost of Living in Utah

Here are facts that describe life in the state:

  • Affordable housing cost

In 2013, there is a high price for housings. As the cost of homes rise, you can still buy a house in Utah. With a median home value of $217,200, this is lower than the price in Colorado (CO).

  • Great job demand in Utah

As the state’s fiscal strength bounce back, so does the job market. In the first quarter of 2014, job demands increase by 1.98%. While rate of the nation’s jobless people grows near 7%, the state has 3.5% unemployment rate. With such low rate, who will say that you cannot have a job in UT? Home health aides and personal care aides are the booming jobs in UT. Aside from the health care sector, you will find great demand for admin, IT, and technology works. If you get in these industries, for sure, you will live a good life there.

  • High wage rate

Should you be living in Utah, you get the least rate of $7.25 an hour. But there are industries who can pay higher. For instance, in oil fields, you can start at $24 an hour. As entry-level Dental Hygienists, you can earn $28 an hour. While an airport traffic controller gets $40 an hour. Top earners in UT are in health care sector. General Pediatricians earn $180,370 per year. Other jobs with high pay are in the field of business and finance, IT, and education.

  • Cost Of Living (COL) in Utah

COL in UT is 6% higher than the US median rate. Goods and services could have high prices. Still, this is lower than what CO has. If you have to buy a gallon of fuel at more than $3, the cost is still cheap when compared to CO.

The strong job growth in Utah drives away the risks that hurdles a good life. But with a high COL, can you get more savings? When you look at your well-off pay, you can still cope with the prices. So weighing up your relocation cost of living should be the first thing to do. If your high wage can even out the high COL, then UT is a good place to work and live.

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