Taking a break and moving to the US Virgin Islands (USVI) are two different things when you belong to the workforce. We have provided a relocation comparison for you to grasp what it takes to move and work in this paradise.

Getting to Know USVI

USVI is a group of islands in the Caribbean that are an insular area of the United States. The islands are part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and are located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles.

Like Puerto Rico, moving to the USVI does not need any special papers. You can travel freely to and from these tropical islands. You can also tag your pet along as you move to this haven.

Before You Move to USVI

Moving to the islands is great, but how are you going to earn a living? The answer to this question has to do with the type of the job you are seeking. For seasonal jobs, the tourism industry is the best target. Pros seek a long-term spot, while others on retirement might just want a part-time job.

USVI Major Industries You Can Seek Employment

It is important to consider what you are seeking in terms of a job so that you can do the proper research concerning the Virgin Islands’ job market. Here’s the list of major industries in the Virgin Islands to help you decide. Data tables are provided by United States Department of Labor (BLS) and are dated May 2013.

 USVI Major Industries Employment Mean Hourly Wage
1. Management 2,040 $36.27
2. Protective Service 2,570 $15.57
3. Transpo & Material Moving 2,370 $13.46
4. Food Prep & Serving 4,140 $10.31
5. Installation & Maintenance 2,220 $19.35
6. Construction & Extraction 2,620 $18.82
7. Office & Admin Support 7,940 $14.36
8. Sales & Related Jobs 4,560 $12.47
9. Building & Grounds Cleaning 2,840 $10.54
10. Business & Finance 1,810 $23.10

It’s also a must that you have enough money saved to support yourself and your folks for at least six months. If your firm is transferring you to the USVI and you already have employment then you have a leg up.

Career Advice For You

Finding a job before you arrive is not a piece of cake. Most employers will not even talk with someone who is not living on the island. Why did you ask? Well, employers learned long ago that most people who say they are moving never arrive so they just hire people who are already there.
So pack your bags now! Given the relocation comparison above, we hope that by now you have an idea of what USVI can offer you.

Don’t think that USVI is right for you? Don’t worry, you can try to relocate to West Virginia. As for your career, our expert resume writers are more than willing to help you nail your target job!