Are you a would-be physician looking for a great career? From the result of a salary comparison based on Forbes’ review, you may consider these top paying physician jobs:

1. Orthopedic Surgeon

They treat patients who suffer from broken arms to artificial hips. They cure and repair injuries and diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system. Doing this job will give you a pay as high as $464,500 a year.

2. Cardiologist (Invasive)

These are well-trained experts for cardiac catheterization.  They find and work on blockages of the arteries. If you chose this work, you could get a pay of $461,364 a year.

3. Cardiologist (Non-Invasive)

They run an office-based practice handling patients with heart problems. Non-invasive cardiologists do not perform procedures, but they conduct crucial tests. If the problem is treatable with diet or medication, the physician will prescribe the right drug or dietary therapy. These expert people get $447,143 a year.

4. Gastroenterologist

They handle patients with any gastrointestinal conditions. Gastroenterologists diagnose and treat any digestive tract disorders and diseases. These physicians receive a pay of about $441,421 a year.

5. Urologist

They treat patients with urinary tract problems. Urologists deal with concerns on male genitalia or reproductive system, too. Experts in this field get $424,091.

6. Hematologist/Oncologist

They look at and manage blood, bone marrow, vascular, and immune system disorders and diseases. If you will work in this specialty, you will get $396,000.

7. Dermatologist

They spot the cause of a skin illness and treat it. The skin disorders that they treat are acne, dandruff, and skin cancer. Diving in this career will allow you to earn $370,952.

8. Radiologist

They capture and analyze medical images. They use their findings to detect illnesses and, in some cases, treat patients using radiation. If you want this career, you will earn $368,250 a year.

9. Pulmonologist

Experts in this field work on lung diseases and conditions. These can be cancer, emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. This job will give you a pay of $351,125 per year.

10. General Surgeon

They carry out operations on a variety of bodily areas. General surgeons perform surgery of abdominal organs such as the intestine and colon. Not only that, these physicians also deal with breast cancer and hernias, too. If you go for this career, get a wage of $336,375 per year.

These top paying physician jobs can be your best bet. We hope that this salary comparison based on Forbes’ review will help you decide what career to pursue. As for the resume, let our career expert writers do it for you.