Sample Engineer Resume: Must-Do Tips for Petroleum Engineers

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Petroleum engineers hold a challenging job that requires skills and merits. But those who fit for the job, get a big pay. With such huge reward, it isn’t a surprise to know that many job seekers are eyeing this career.

So you have to create the perfect engineering resume to enter this field. How will you do this?

Most job seekers use sample engineer resumes online as guides. But if you want to write an outstanding profile, you may heed these tips.

Tips to Craft a Winning Resume
  • Format your resume aptly. Employers spend only 25 seconds to scan your resume. Scanning your resume will be easy if its readable, planned, and in fair length (1-2 pages). To achieve this, be sure it uses the right format, clean font, and clear headings. Guide your reader’s eyes by applying bold and italic fonts. You can also use bullets to call vital points such as your talents and skills.
  • Name accomplishments not just job descriptions. The engineering field seeks people that can help solve their problems or satisfy a need within the firm. So show them that you’re the best fit and that you can be the answer to their problems. Tell them how you solved same setbacks in other firms.
  • Let your achievements count. Include and highlight precise feats that show a broad picture of your strengths. Count your achievements to make sure greater confidence in the hiring manager.
  • Tailor your resume to the industry. Unlike design advertising pros whose resumes are creative and artistic, these resume designs won’t impress engineering firms. This might even be a “turn off” for them. Your achievements, error-free writing, grammatically-correct, clean, and crisp paper is enough to make the impression for you.
  • Replace your “Objective” with a “Career Summary”. A career summary is better because it gives an overview of who you are and what you do. So be sure to come up with a summary that will get their attention and best describe you as the answer to their problems. This will not be easy but for sure it’s worth it.
  • Network. Most firms use networking to fill-up for mid- to senior-level posts. So add every person you know to your list. Focus more on the people who can hire you or share insights. You can also make use of your social media profiles to widen your network.

You can also use this tips to edit your downloaded sample engineer resume. But be sure to tailor it so that you stand out among other seekers. For more info about resume writing, visit our page now!


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