12 Things Only Resume Writers Would Understand

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frustrated girl
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I’ve read an inspirational quote stating, “Everyone can write.” There’s even a book with the same title; but I don’t agree with that. We’re not all made for writing just like we’re not all meant to be doctors. It may be a bit of a stretch but putting thoughts onto paper and making sure they make sense is more difficult than most people care to admit.

Professional resume writing is a stressful field. Can you imagine what it’s like to be responsible for a person’s career? Knowing that if you don’t do your job excellently your client won’t land their dream job? Talk about pressure! To educate—and entertain—people on the struggles of writers in this industry, here are 12 things only resume writers will understand (with GIFs, just to drive home our point):

Realizing what a piece of dung your current resume is.

Walter White

You can only imagine how much the hiring managers laughed at your resume when you applied in the company.


Taking a longer time with the resume’s design than the actual content.

Frustrated Girl Gif


When you tell people you’re going to write, this is what they have in mind…

Typing Gif

Though most of our time is consumed by doing this…


Or even worse, this…

 Crying Girl Gif


Getting distracted by research.

Fascinated Man Gif

Then suddenly remembering what you should be doing…

What You Should Be Doing


When you’re trying to find the right words to construct the perfect sentence.

Megan Fox Gif

“It’s on the tip of my tongue.”


Running out of appropriate verbs to use.

Confused Guy Gif


Running out of powerful adjectives too.

Resume Writer Having An Extreme Head Desk


Getting the edited copy of what you’ve written and you see red. Literally! Darn corrections.

Trya Banks Rage


When you finish writing your first resume, and think that it’s the best thing ever.

Happy Girl


When a year later you look at the first resume you crafted, and realize how much of a trash it is.

Despicable Me Gif


When you tell somebody that you’re a resume writer and they tell you, “That’s great, but what’s your full-time job?”

Gru Despicable Me


When you feel like every part of your body is shutting down, but you don’t stop writing like the awesome wordsmith that you are.
Resume Writers: Girl Shutting Down Gif

It doesn’t take a genius to write a resume. But remember that there are things better left with experts. Check out our resume examples to help inspire you to be your own resume writer and create the perfect job hunt tool.

Source: Buzzfeed, Allwomenstalk.com

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