Various things can influence your relocation success. These factors include salary, career growth, and jobless rate. For one, it is wise to use a Tennessee salary relocation calculator.

You need to consider factors like costs of food, housing, healthcare, and education, and local and state taxes. These will give you a hint of what the state of Tennessee can offer for your career.

What does Tennessee Has to Offer You?

Getting to Know Tennessee

Tennessee (TN) is a state located in the Southeastern United States. It is the 36th widest and the 17th U.S. state in terms of human population. In the 1812 War, local volunteer soldiers played a major role; earning TN its “Volunteer State” nickname.

Cost of Living in Tennessee

Tennessee has 18.94% lower cost of living compared with the US average. As one of the five most modest U.S. states, it has a lower cost of healthcare, food, and utilities. Its cheap price of housing is what makes it have a low cost of living.

Tennessee’s Career Growth

Are you looking for a job that pays well? TN is the best place for you! Check out these top 10 highest paying jobs and their average wage based on usawagedotcom. Salary figures are data published by the US BLS in April 2014.

  • Psychiatrists                                                          $184,230
  • General Internists                                                $182,150
  • Dentists                                                                  $180,240
  • Pediatricians                                                         $169,390
  • Family and GPs                                                     $145,190
  • CEOs                                                                        $140,750
  • Nurse Anesthetists                                               $136,630
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologists         $136,120
  • Judges and Magistrates                                       $133,790
  • Podiatrists                                                              $127,250

Minimum Wage of a TN Worker

The minimum wage in TN is 7.25 dollars per hour. It is the same with the mandated lowest wage in the US.

Tennessee’s Unemployment Rate

Employment rate in TN is doing well, except in June 2014. It is based on the stats released by dept of numbers dot com. Below are the rates from July 2013 to June 2014.

Date Unemployed
June 2014 201,064
May 2014 193,947
Apr. 2014 191,926
Mar. 2014 203,697
Feb. 2014 209,682
Jan. 2014 218,663
Dec. 2013 234,796
Nov. 2013 239,860
Oct. 2013 245,492
Sept. 2013 250,989
Aug. 2013 255,745
July 2013 258,523

Based on the given details above, it looks like moving to TN is a good idea. The salary, jobs, and cost living are quite favorable to anyone who wants to settle here. To help you come up with a good decision, a TN salary relocation calculator is useful. Have you checked whether Minnesota is a good place to work for you, too?

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