How to Write a Resume for Stay at Home Mom Returning to Work

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Writing a stay at home mom returning to work resume is not an easy task especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time. But for whatever reason, making a “comeback” can be a very exciting yet overwhelming process. Here are some explanations:

It is exciting because…

  • Your long wait is over
  • You can have the chance to meet a new set of friends
  • You can gain new skills

It is overwhelming because…

  • You feel that you don’t have the right skills to do the job
  • Your skills are out of date
  • You’re too old
  • You’re tied down by family commitments
  • You feel left behind by technology advances

A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Story

Philippa was a stay at home mom. She has a degree in business. Currently, she enjoys life being a working mom. Though she knows her story is not new to thousands of mothers out there, she still wants to share her experience. She wants them to know how her comeback became a success with the help of a stay at home mom returning to work resume from Resume Professional Writers.

Obstacles Faced by Returning Moms

Returning moms face many challenges. Don’t despair. Before she got her new job, she had a lot of worries. Here’s how Philippa overcame them.

  • Can she still adapt to technology advancements?
  • Will the long employment gap affect the quality of her work?
  • How can she prove herself to be worthy of the position?
  • Who should she turn to for advice?

How a Stay at Home Mom Returning to Work Resume Helped

After having two kids, Philippa made a tough choice. She chose to be a full-time mother in order to be more hands-on with her children. It’s not that she regretted being a full-time mom because she admits she really enjoyed it.

After several years of being at home and raising her family, she finally decided to go back to the workplace. She was really thrilled and excited, yet apprehensive about the idea. What she did was to send a number of resumes to various companies.

To her dismay, however, she had a hard time landing a job. She felt so frustrated because she didn’t know why she’s not been getting calls for interviews. It took her a couple of months before she figured things out. The cause was her resume. Her friend then asked her to have resume rewritten by a professional.

Woman signing a stay at home mom returning to work resume contract

At first, she was a bit skeptical about the suggestion because of the cost and the horror stories she heard about hiring a professional writer. Eventually, she was convinced and decided to hire a pro to write her stay at home mom returning to work resume.

Upon receiving her resume, she was really impressed. It certainly surpassed her expectations. It was properly laid out, concise, and clearly highlighted her abilities and was tailored to the job position she wanted.

Sure enough, with its effectiveness, she immediately got five calls to come for an interview and landed the job she really wanted.

She absolutely had no regrets with her decision and is thankful to the top resume writing company. She assured that she’ll surely do business with the company again in all her future resume needs.

If you’re having difficulty going back to work, speak with one of Resume Professional Writer’s career specialist at 1 (800) 845-0586 or visit our resume writing services page.

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