The least of the things you can get from being a public servant is a sense of purpose. And that is exactly why you have to undergo the strictest employers when applying for a career and a vocation of rendering help to other people. You need to have with you a strongly-written social services resume.

Non-profit organizations and charitable companies are handpicking their employees in order to make sure that the person they will have is someone who’s too dedicated for the job for the sake of it. The best public servants are those who are motivated by the people they help and they’re looking for an indication that you have it. Moreover, if you’re the most eager applicant, it is not difficult to find one who wants to hire you.

a man trying to write a social service resume


Tips in Writing a Social Services Resume

1. There is no competition, only personality differences

Since social service is not an industry, most of your employer won’t look at you as qualified or not. It is either you suit their culture or not. Make sure that the program or organization where you’re applying matches to your personality. Serving others does not require too much of the “professionalism and expertise” stuff. What you need is the heart to serve others to the greater extent. And guess what, people with the selfless personality are fewer than people with “professionalism and expertise,” so it’s harder to qualify.

2. They are looking for dedication more than abilities

Certainly you have the ability if you have the dedication. But try to emphasize more on your being passionate with their cause than focusing on being passionate in being a social worker. Remember that not enough people are doing public service though there are many in the job market with the talents and skills. It only proves that you don’t have to market that much, you have to inspire.

3. Never, ever talk about money

Most of the people on nonprofit organizations are succinct, if not snob about money. Naming your price is a no-no. Asking anything about money before you enter the job might be the biggest turn-off for the employer. More so, if you indicate salary and sales or any dollar sign in your social service resume, you are in a big danger of being eliminated in the first screening.

4. Experience counts more than intelligence

Tell more of the seminars and the jobs you had that are related with public service in your social services resume. If you’ve got too many of the degrees and honors, you may put them so. However, trim them down if needed to give more space to community involvement and experiences.

5. You can be human

It is not much of a place for neckties and working like a robot. In order to execute your functions effectively in a nonprofit organization, you have to rely on some compassion, humanism, and common sense. If there are thieves and snakes and devils in black suit in other industries, don’t expect the same thing within the realm of nonprofits. Add some human element in your social service resume.

The probability is that you’re looking for more than just another job. You are finding a vocation.


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