Skills Inventory Assessment: Bridging the Gap

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Skills gap has been a huge problem in the US’ manufacturing industry. We can see many firms facing greater demand for certain products, but most of them lack skilled workers to fill in posts. Unfortunately, those having the required skills are already working in some other fields. Meanwhile, those who seek employment don’t have the necessary skills to qualify for the job. This is where the importance of a skills inventory assessment comes in.

If you are an employer, what should you do to bridge the gap and find the best applicants? If you are an aspirant who does not meet the qualifications for a particular post in a manufacturing company, what should you do to grab that job opportunity?

Here are our tips for both you:

For Employers
  • Make modern job titles – Accept it: modern job roles are the current trend. If you target new graduates or young professionals, going with  maintenance assistant” is a bit boring for them. Instead, go with “repair ninja” or something much cooler.
  • Be a venue for learning – Offer learning opportunities for new employees. Most applicants find trainings as vital for their overall career growth. When you train your workers, you also develop the skills needed for them to become productive members of your company. What are the skills needed to fill the gap? Do skills inventory assessment to find out.
  • Provide long-term benefits – This type of employee benefits attracts employees who want to build a long-term career in a company. This scheme lets you hire people who will stay for years. Hiring new ones from time to time is more costly and is not productive.
For Job Seekers
  • Attend trainings – If you lack a skill for a particular task, make it your goal to attend related trainings. This will boost your value as a professional. List down your trainings and skills acquired on your resume. Also, it would be of great value for you if you’ll do a skills inventory assessment to know the areas where you need to improve.
  • Show employers that you are in for long-term “relationship” – The manufacturing industry is always on the hunt for someone who will stay for a long time. If you are a “loyal” employee, make employers notice it through your resume or job interviews.
  • Sell yourself as “someone who is young and dynamic” – Being energetic and young is an advantage for you, even if you are just starting to build a career. Consider these traits as your edge above other hopefuls.

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