Are you a senior exec looking for great benefits and excellent take home pay? Then, here’s one to go for: Senior Executive Service (SES) jobs.

But you cannot use a rule of thumb for a federal application for this post. Thus, it would help if you will get an SES resume writing service.

SES Resume Writing Service to Bump off the Hurdles

Do you want to know how toilsome it is to secure a job at this level? See the steps below.

1. Define the position.
SES is a federal job at the executive level. The people on this rank have duties like policy-making, supervisory, or managerial tasks. They lead a public agency and/or handle a team of people across the US.

2. Look for job opening announcements.
Federal agencies that have job openings for SES announce this on public. You have to check job posting sites and their instructions. Agencies have a list of job titles that you can apply for on Web sites such as Read the information to find out which job suits you.

3. Work on the forms you need.
Job ads may require more papers depending on the agency you apply for. You may send a job profile or fill up an Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF-612). Then, mind the agency’s guidelines and deadlines for the vacant post.

4. Be ready to invest a lot of time in doing your application.
See to it that you have ample time to prepare all documents. Some agencies will ask your complete resume and an Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) to know if you qualify. In doing this, you should at least do a 15 to 20 pages narrative.

In your ECQ, describe your leadership skills in five key areas. You have to do separate narrative statement for each skill. Your answers are crucial as they tell if you can proceed to the interview or not. If you are the best candidate, the board will recommend you. An appointing authority will choose and certify you if you pass both the technical assessment and ECQ. In this case, you have to spend more time showing employers your first-rate experience as proof of your leadership. You need great narratives and a resume to present your worth.

Can you do these narratives in an hour or two? How about the other things you should do? The fact that you have to make great response will drive you to hire an SES resume writing service.

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