The study of labor force of any given country is but a tough task for it involves a long and complex process.  Yet, it brings a lot of good insights. Since it compares past and present sets of data, know the trends, project outcomes, and give forecasts, it fosters change and promotes growth. Despite being a complex task, learning the structure of the labor force could also be fun. Through them, we can have a better grasp of data, which pertains to all types of workers, particularly the working moms.

Resume professional writers reviews working mothers in the US. The study’s focus is on how many of them are in the job market and what are the jobs that most of them prefer to earn a living.

Working Women Statistics

The US DOL says, “there were 127.1 million working age women (16 years of age and older) in the U.S. in 2013 and 72.7 million were in the labor force.”

Based on two reports by BLS, the number of the mothers “working or looking for work—for all mothers with children under age 18 was 70.5 percent [in 2012] and 69.9 percent [in 2013].”

The data include those who are employed full time, part time, and seeking jobs at the time of the research.

In a 2013 report, it is worthy to notice that there were more mothers employed full-time than those who were not in the labor force.

Looking into this trend, it can be said that more mothers with kids below age 18 can expect more job prospects. For those who stop to work, this means a successful return to the workforce. There are factors that cause mothers to choose going to work rather than staying at home. Two of the reasons for this are the effect of shaky fiscal resource and high cost of living in recent times.

Jobs that they grab.

Even with this trend, the good news is that there are many job posts that await mothers.

Based on DOL report, the five fields with the largest percent of total employed women in 2013 were:

-Wholesale and retail trade
-Business service

Below is a list of some jobs that working moms often prefer to get into:

-School teacher
-Market research expert
-Fitness trainer
-Hair dresser
-Dental hygienist

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