Workplace problems aren’t always easy to solve. If you think you’ve done every means to fix them yet they persist, reverse brainstorming may be what you need.

How Does Reverse Brainstorming Solve Problems in the Corporate World?

What is Reverse Brainstorming?

It isn’t the common gathering of ideas among a group of people. This hybrid model—a far different approach—seeks to solve issues aside by probing the opposite of the actual problems. Well, this may sound confusing to you, but getting the hang of it will make you a good problem solver. This approach can change a boring discussion into an interesting one.

How Does It Work?

Focusing on how NOT to fix the problem makes a successful reverse brainstorming. Through this technique, the problematic group will collect different ideas from peers.

Procedure for Reverse Brainstorming

1) Define the workplace problem your group plans to solve and write the need statement.

2) Ask not “how your team will beat the challenge or problem,” but “how the team can cause or worsen it,” instead.
For instance, your business process outsourcing (BPO) firm gets negative feedbacks on client satisfaction. Your real problem is how to improve client approval ratings. When you apply reverse brainstorming, you must dwell on how to make clients more dissatisfied.

3) Discuss the “reverse” problem to produce countless ideas. Let these thoughts flow nixing no suggested idea. Let each group member give his or her own view of the reverse brainstorming process.
One possible reason that makes clients dissatisfied is putting them on hold (on the phone) for a long time.

4) Use the gathered ideas to solve the reverse problem. Likewise, expand your reverse brainstorming discussion to reach possible ways to prevent the existing issue.
How will you shun putting the client on hold? The company can improve its spiel to prevent or limit waiting time. Further, the firm may apply an advanced communication means to mobilize the transfer concerns at once.

5) Assess the solutions and weigh their potential to fix the problem.
These steps may help zoom in on and solve the “real” problem. Reverse brainstorming offers an inventive way to fix problems indirectly.

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