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The Resume Professional Writers’ customer reviews speak strongly of the quality and care we deliver to our clients. They disprove the fabricated complaints against the resume writing services we provide.

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“Very clear and transparent process from beginning to completion. Very able resume writing professional with excellent ability to translate somewhat complex professional work and experience into straightforward language that appears AI compatible.”

Richard K., Olympia, WA April 17, 2017

“From the start of the process to the finalization of my resume, cover letter, and thank you letter, I was kept in the loop regarding the progress of each product item. My thoughts and ideas were capture properly and written in a professional manner. Presentation of my qualifications were organized well, which a prospective employer should take notice. I am a happy Client.”

Timothy C., Clearwater Beach, FL April 15, 2017

“Hi Jessie,
I have gone over the final copy of my resume and it looks perfect. It was very nice working with you and the attention to details displayed by you through out this process is commendable. You remained professional and focused on the task through out our interactions. You always went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable and in accordance with the changes you were making. I truly had the best experience working with you and will definitely be referring a lot of my family to your organization. In fact I referred already someone to your company. Thanks you and may God bless. Sincerely Walter A”

Walter A., Inglewood, CA April 13, 2017

“I received quick responses with an effective resume as the outcome. I then took advantage of large job search engine and had my new resume critiqued. I was told it put me in the top 4% of candidates and they and wouldn’t change anything. I would highly recommend Resumeprofessionalwriters.”

Jennifer F., Las Vegas, NV April 13, 2017

“After submitting my new resume to all the job search engines, I received multiple phone calls and emails from recruiters. Within 3 weeks I had a full time job with a Fortune 500. If was the best $120 I’ve ever spent.”

Brenden G., Myrtle Beach, SC April 12, 2017

“Just finished writing my new resume with Ryan Collins and he did a great job, the finish product I believe will certainly help me to obtain new employment, over all very pleased with the end results and the entire process went pretty smooth, Thank You very much for all your hard work, Many Blessings”

Fred L., Post Falls, ID April 12, 2017

“I thought that this service was something that helped out my resume incredibly. The person that I was with was also extremely helpful and on top of everything – he made the proper changes that I wanted, and was always available to talk.”

Cara B., Fairfield, CT April 4, 2017

“Ms. Scott did outstanding work gathering the information I provided her in putting my resume together. I had a long career with many job positions and locations and I am seeking a career change. My original resume was outdated, too long and “all over the map”. However, Ms. Scott was able to professionally annotate my resume, my duty responsibilities and job accomplishments in a 2-page orderly format. I admit I was fussy and had requested several resume revisions but Ms. Scott understood what I wanted and made the changes accordingly. My cover letter was concise and she gave an excellent summary of my work experience to catch the eye(s) of a prospective employer. I highly recommend this company!”

Joseph C., Prospect, CT April 1, 2017

“I am very impressed with the level of service received from RPW and my writer, Tiffany Meyer. She has made me look more professional on paper than I was able to spell out for myself. I was very hesitant to use a resume service after reading horrendous reviews of other resume sites, but chose this one based on receiving #1 high marks at Very, very glad I did. Thank you!”

Celena F., Apopka, FL March 31, 2017

“I am pleased with my resume and would use the service again. I liked that I could comment and suggest changes which creates a resume more like one that I may have written. However, this one is more polished than those I have created in the past. Also, it incorporates current trends which I would not have known about.”

Kathie W., Concord, CA March 29, 2017

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