What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2018 Resume Writing Trends

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Although the basic sections and contents of resumes remain the same, use new resume writing trends to stay informed and gain a unique selling point over other job seekers. Hence, as new graduates join the job market, trying these resume writing tips will help you edge them when you write or rewrite your own job application tool.

Resume Writing Trends to Heed This 2018

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To have a resume that stands out from your competitors, check and follow this writing guide on the latest trends from trusted online sources.

1. Customize your resume design.

First on the list of latest resume trends is custom resume design. “A good resume design is eye-catching, without being an eyesore,” says an article posted on Time.com. In addition, don’t fill your resume with fancy fonts and bold colors just to attract the recruiter’s attention. Likewise, even a simple, clean, and sleek design can set you apart if you use it well.

2. Put valuable content on top.

Expert writers say the best modern resume format tip is to put your most saleable contents at the top part of your resume. For inexperienced job seekers, highlighting your specific skills first will be a wise move. However, for seasoned pros with a steady career path, flaunting your work experience and feats is the best choice.

3. Prepare for resume bots.

Due to the surge of job seekers, large firms now use resume bots or applicant tracking systems or ATS. In fact, these bots, using relevant keywords, filter ideal job seekers that fit the set requirements and descriptions. To make your application ATS-ready, read the job post well and include a few of the relevant keywords you’ll find and put them on your resume.

4. Prove your claims.

Besides a well-written content, hiring managers need proofs that will back up your claims. If you claim you’re good at something, include “measurable impacts, specific quantities, and strong metrics generated during your career,” as said in a write-up on Forbes.com. As often as possible, support all your statements with quantified results.

5. Make yourself visible online.

Resumes for 2018 graduates must have links to the job seeker’s online portfolio and social media accounts. Recruiters find it more convenient to search and gather info on candidates online. When you add links to your LinkedIn account, online portfolio, and digital resume, you’ll edge out other job seekers.

Opting for Professionally Prepared Resumes

Professional Resume Writer

Though it may seem like selling, opting for resumes prepared by expert writers is still one of the most efficient 2018 resume trends. Aside from saving time, pros from Resume Professional Writers follow resume writing trends to keep up with the latest in the industry.

Hence, if you want to have a resume that will dominate in 2018, call 1 (800) 845-0586 to know which of our resume writing services suit your needs.

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Photo by Vojtech Okenka and Startup Stock Photos from Pexels


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