So what is the real score with the US federal civilian and military workforce? Are they both getting better? Or are they both facing the test of losing their labor force? It may be hard for us to pinpoint their status without proofs. Let RPW, the leading resume writing service provider, give reviews and help you on this concern.

On Lacking Young Talents.

For the past eight years, the government has failed to acquire workers aged 30 and below, according to The Wall Street Journal. It was noted that only 7% of its staffs belong to the young age, which may be a challenge for them in this fast-paced digital world. One factor that made an impact to this is the decline of the students’ interest to work in federal posts.

On Meeting Small-Business Goal.

Fiscal year 2013 was fairly good for our agencies in terms of achieving goals for small businesses contracting. Based from Small Business Administration, the government met its goal on majority of the groups, striving to reach the 23% goal for the said year.

On Dismissing Army Majors.

Even the Army has to set some of its personnel back to their civilian lives. It will set loose about 500 majors as part of its effort to reduce the size their workforce. By the end of 2015, the group seeks to downsize its forces from 513,000 troops (as of June 30) to only 490,000 members. The Army swore, though, that there would be programs planned for soldiers who will leave the service.

There are good indicators; there are bad, too. Since the federal government is in need of fresh talents, then it is a sign that our young job seekers have the chance to get into them. While small business enterprises also thrive, it can be a good time for some of us to start up one on your own.

Since jobs in the federal government can be too technical, most employers are looking for applicants with expertise on management, business, finance, and related areas. In-demand jobs include computer specialists, engineers, and healthcare professionals.

Federal Jobs Network has a long list of employment opportunities that one can choose from. Check their site at to look for jobs in the government. Resources on the job hunt process are also available on the site. So you get to prepare well for your application!

Every country faces may tend to face challenges in its workforce. The US is not an exception to this. We hope that these reviews from a resume writing service provider have helped you.


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