Foolproof Tips in Preventing Resume Errors That Block Job Offers

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You’d think that resume writing mistakes would be hilarious, until they happen to you. Misspelled words, wrong dates, and weird entries may sound like funny resume mistakes but when it’s your job application at stake, we bet you wish you could turn back time.

We compiled resume tips and tricks to guide you in creating a perfect resume free from funny yet embarrassing resume errors. You got a single chance to grab that dream job, so we want to help you make that one winning shot. Thus, take note of this guide so your resume and cover letter can put your best foot forward.

Avoid Resume Writing Mistakes at All Costs

Resume Writing Mistakes

You find the perfect job opening at a firm you’ve been eyeing for a long time now. You can’t help but be thrilled at this opportunity, so you send your resume right away. However, your excitement got the best of your job application. It was too late when you asked yourself “Did I fix my resume before I hit send?” To your dismay, you forgot to check the document for awkward resume blunders and now your chances of getting a call back are slimmer than ever.

The scenario above sounds like a job hunting nightmare. Your career growth gets spoiled even before it begins. Hence, stay sharp and avoid living this bad dream during your job search with the following expert resume tips and tricks that prevent resume blunders:

Use “Magic Words” in Your Resume.

Resume keywords are magic words that convince recruiters on your qualification for the role. You’d find them in the job description so make sure that you read those thoroughly. Avoid cliché statements like “detail-oriented,” “team player,” “forward thinker,” and “hard-worker.” Be creative and specific to justify why your future employer must pick your resume over the generic ones. Focus on their needs, so you can mention relevant skills and experiences. Let them know why hiring you would be like finding the missing piece that completes the puzzle.

Avoid Information Overload.

Some think they sound impressive when they enumerate as many credentials as they can fit in their resume. However, it does the opposite, so you mustn’t fall for that trap. You can’t be remarkable and unique with a resume with too much irrelevant info. Furthermore, it might end in the discard pile since a dragging resume is a waste of your recruiter’s time.

Lies are Unacceptable.

Lies in a resume are a big crime. Don’t add false information nor bend the truth. Exaggerating facts or inventing details that can’t be verified will be detrimental to your career once your lies get exposed. Don’t risk your future and credibility with that kind of unprofessional career stunt.

Don’t Just Double Check, Do It Three or Four Times More.

Wrong spelling and grammar are indeed funny resume mistakes, but such slips could cause problems in your job hunt. These resume writing mistakes would leave a bad impression to your future employer. Thus, they’d ignore your resume and pick another candidate with a cleaner and more collected job application. Make sure you read your resume and cover letter many times before sending them. Check for any resume errors that you can correct. Once you hit send, there’s no more turning back.

Get a Sounding Job Search Advice from Resume Experts

Resume Critique

Do you want a foolproof technique to always look smart and sharp on your resume? It would be easier to avoid resume writing mistakes if you consult a resume expert to aid you in building a strong resume. Resume experts can help you be more confident on your job search. The best critique will always come from job hunt specialists who have long-standing experience in boosting the careers of thousands of professionals. Aside from perfect resume critique, they can also give you job interview and cover letter tips to help you attract more job offers.

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