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Resume Writing Hacks You Should Try to Get Out of Joblessness

So, what’s your ticket out of Jobless Ville? Sure enough, a perfect example will be your resume. However, it isn’t something you whip out of thin air. Besides, create a stellar resume. Want to find out how? Learn more while you continue reading this article!

1. Customize Your Cover Letters

Once you engage in job search, it isn’t enough to concentrate on a single spot. Instead, look at the whole journey. In the same way, treat your cover letters with the same care as you would your resume.

Cover letters can serve as a means to explain the reason behind joblessness. However, don’t simply state your reason. In particular, describe how you’ve kept yourself updated in the industry during the time you’re jobless. Thus, hiring managers will see you as a possible candidate and invite you for a job interview.

2. Apply the Functional Format in Writing Your Resume

Contrary to common practice, use a different resume writing format. Gone are the days when you’d list your contact information, email address, education system, skills, and experience, and then hope for the best. In addition, since you’re going through joblessness, use the functional format. This layout makes hiring managers read your resume and focus on your skills relevant to the job itself.

3. Update Your Current Experience or Skills

What’s one challenge to those who’ve been through joblessness? Somehow, it’s how to present a professional resume that will impress potential employers. So, how will you do it?

Since hiring managers understand you’ve been out of the loop, they’ll check whether you did anything to keep yourself updated despite the experience. Therefore, your resume writing strategy must answer the following questions: What career-related activities did you take part in at the time? What skills did you learn or upgrade? Otherwise, your replies to these questions will tell whether during joblessness you’ve made yourself aware of the latest in your industry. Who knows, such can convince the hiring manager to invite you to return for a job interview?

4. Send Your Resume to Everyone You Know (or to Those You Don’t Even Know)

To be clear on this hack, sending to everyone doesn’t mean you’ll go to a public place and hand out your resume to anyone you meet. What you must do is build your network or, if it already exists, grow it.

Take baby steps in boosting your LinkedIn profile. Thus, when you improve it, you increase the chances for hiring managers to see you along with your skills and experiences. Here’s a tip. Keep your LinkedIn profile current by sharing articles, relating with people from your network, or even by just congratulating someone in his or her work anniversary.

Sending even to strangers means try posting your resume on job boards. However, you must not just send them a generic resume. Rather, take time to check each job description on the post. Once you’re done with it, start your resume writing with the goal of matching your skills with the need of a particular post.

5. Get Past the Applicant Tracking System or ATS

In case you’re not aware, the way companies hire people have changed. Now, they use technology to filter the number of resumes they get each day. So, how do they do it? It’s by using an applicant tracking system.

Your next question can be: How do you make your resume get past the ATS? One way you can try is to pattern your resume with the action verbs and keywords in the job description. However, this trick can’t guarantee a foolproof plan. Ponder on the following details. First, companies design their ATS unique to each job or to their culture. Second, don’t just pattern your resume after everything you find in the job description. In resume writing, however, you should match the job description not only on paper but with the skill you really have.

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Must Try: Hire a Resume Writing Professional

If your cover letter needs more work, or you can’t figure a way to revamp your resume to beat the applicant tracking system, hire professional resume writers. In talking to a resume writing professional, liken it to speaking with a career expert. Likewise, you can discuss your time of unemployment with your assigned writer. In fact, he or she can refine your resume to highlight your skills that best fit the job you desire.

In addition, you can even ask your resume writer to explain your unemployment gap in your cover letter. This will give employers the heads up they need to understand how you’ve managed that time in your career. Do you want your LinkedIn profile to reach or catch the attention of hiring managers? Resume Professional Writers can give you that extra boost. Do you want to try job-posting boards? You don’t have to sweat it. Check our resume service packages and choose the one that suits you.

Getting Out of Joblessness Starts Now

Clueless on how or where to start? First, speak to one of our career specialists who can give you a hassle-free assistance with your resume writing concern. Next, worry less in overcoming joblessness. Last, remember, that at Resume Professional Writers, we’ve got your job search needs covered!

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