Resume Trends 2021 to Help you Secure a Job

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After over a year since COVID-19 shook the globe, many who have lost their jobs are still looking for work. Because of the pandemic, landing a job has become more difficult. Thus, resume trends for 2021 can help you with your job search. However, with everything that happened the year prior, it has affected various sectors, including the job market. Hence, this year’s trends in resume writing were highly influenced by last year’s list. Being familiar with these can help you with your job search.

Writing a resume could be challenging at times because you have to make sure it showcases your skills and qualifications. Plus, it has to be tailored to your target position. And since the competition is fiercer than before, hiring managers now have higher expectations with the resumes they review since those are job seekers’ tool to market themselves qualified for the post. Want an effective tool? Check this year’s trends in writing a resume.

List of Resume Trends for 2021

List Of Top 10 Resume Trends In 2021.

Download this Resume Trends 2021 infographic now.

1. Write a skill-based resume.

It’s very common for job seekers to use the chronological resume format because it’s the most widely known. However, you need to consider your qualifications and the job you’re applying for, too. If you’re in the middle of a career change or a fresh graduate, it’s advisable to use other formats such as functional or targeted resumes. Remember, using the right resume format for your current situation helps you gain the interest of hiring managers. Further, translating your resume to skill-based is an advantage in this new decade because most employers value skills than other things.

2. Keep your tool short and on point.

Regardless of the format, it’s part of resume writing trends to make sure your resume is short, easy to read, and on point. However, don’t forget to include important info such as your skills, experience, and achievements. There’s no need to include details that aren’t related to the job or your work experience from 15 years ago. Highlight credentials related to your target job. Focus your job application on the position and the industry you’re applying for. Having a resume one to two pages long is also a plus. In order to do this, read the job posting carefully and take note of the qualifications and skills required by your potential employer.

3. Optimize your tool.

It’s an advantage if you can optimize your resume. Use the right keywords aligned to your target job. Remember, most companies use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter the pool of applicants. Hence, it’s important to use action words and phrases that would emphasize your qualifications. With this in mind, sending a generic resume to different employers is a no-no in resume trends for 2021.

4. Start with a resume profile.

Write a professional summary instead of resume objective to give potential employers the overview of your qualifications. Use this section to highlight your skills and competencies, especially those related to the job. Emphasize what you can do for the company instead of what you want to accomplish from the target post. Use strong keywords in this section of your tool. You can put this right after the header.

5. Highlight soft and hard skills.

More than your work experience, highlighting soft skill and hard skills is a must. What you can do is more important than when and where you last worked. Thus, put emphasis on the skills that are helpful to do the expected deliverables in your target work. In doing so, hiring managers can easily identify if you’re fit for the job.

List Of Top 5 Soft And Hard Skills Employers Expect Applicants To Write On Their Resume This 2021.

Download this Top 5 Soft and Hard Skills infographic now.

6. Showcase personality traits and EQ.

Indeed, your skills and experience are important factors recruiters check before they give interview invitations. However, your personality traits and emotional intelligence are on the other side of the coin. Emotional intelligence is as important as intelligence quotient. Also, having a compatible personality trait to that of the company is helpful in building a healthy relationship between the employer and employees. Thus, employers use personality tests to gage if your performance, working style, and other traits are relevant to the job they’re offering.

7. Use metrics in presenting your achievements.

Writing your career highlights is a plus. It’s your golden chance to share your achievements, so be specific in quantifying them. Having an achievement bank is useful, so whenever you’re writing your resume, you already have the list of your accomplishments. Make sure to write them in the most effective way and not as if you’re bragging. You can use bullet points to list your achievements.

8. Make sure your tool is error free.

Woman Is Proofreading Her Resume In Her Laptop.
Resume Trends 2021 to Help you Secure a Job 5

Proofread. Do it for several times and, if possible, ask someone to proofread your work to be sure that your resume is error-free. Remember, your resume is your key to the door of work opportunities. Also, it’s your way to market yourself to potential employers, so make sure that there are no grammatical errors and misspelled words. Of course, you also need to check if all your info are correct.

9. Use job search engines.

In this age of technology, most transactions are done online, including job hunting. Thus, this point is an integral point in resume trends for 2021. In order for you to land a job easily, you need to widen your network. For this to happen, post your tool on the best job search engines. Some recruiters search for profiles before posting a job so having your tool available on different platforms can help them notice you.

10. Consider online resume services.

Taking 2021’s resume trends into account is helpful in landing a job even in this time of pandemic. However, with the global crisis we’re facing, many people are anxious and writing a resume could be an additional challenge. Thus, considering online resume services is the most convenient option. This helps you ensure that your resume is tailored for the job you’re eyeing. Plus, you don’t need to worry if your tool is in trend.

Top 10 Best Companies to Work in 2021

List Of Best Us Companies To Work In 2021

Download this Best US Companies to Work in 2021 infographic now.

Now that you know the resume trends for 2021, it’s time to take another step to level up your career. Knowing the best companies to work in helps you choose your career path. Thus, after considering the resume trends, check the top 10 best places in the US to work in this year.

1. Bain & Company

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Industry: Management consulting


Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Industry: Technology/Gaming

3. In-N-Out Burger

Headquarters: Irvine, California
Industry: Fast food

4. HubSpot

Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Industry: Technology/Software

5. McKinsey & Company

Headquarters: New York, New York
Industry: Management consulting

6. Google

Headquarters: Mountain View, California
Industry: Technology/Internet services

7. Delta Air Lines

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Industry: Air travel

8. lululemon

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada but they have a branch in Ponce City Market Atlanta, Georgia
Industry: Apparel

9. Microsoft

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington
Industry: Technology/Consumer hardware and software

10. H-E-B

Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas
Industry: Supermarket

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